Just Got Back from Femi

The show was beyond amazing. Here are the pictures I took:

The show was at the Fillmore on Irving PlaceThe line was crazy

The first act – Black Jacks – opened for Femi

Me in the crowd, it’s a little fuzzy but hey.
I was right in front at the metal barrier before the stage 😀

I met a gorgeous lady with the dopest Ghanaian earrings EVER!
She told me where she got them.
There’ll be a man at the African Festival on the 4th of July..
… These earrings shall soon be mine 😀

The Nigerians were of course, out in full force

Setting up Femi’s sax behind a screen. I was so close though, I got a shot from under.

I want to be a shrine dancer when I grow up

Femi’s girls are dope
Beyonce ain’t got shit on these girls
She probably watches old Femi and Fela videos to see which moves she can fap
I would do them all in a heartbeat
Especially the one on the right

It ROCKED! You have no idea…

After standing for five hours, I took off my shoes to let my feet rest
I am now probably going to get warts 🙁
Oh shit. I just realised my feet are on my bed.

This dude’s afro-dread mohawk was sick.

He sang a lot of new songs and old favourites
The crowd was singing along

Aww, he looks just like Fela here.
He sat on one of the speakers to shake those of us in front.
Femi Kuti fist-bumped me.
It was fucking awesome.

While the girls were dancing…
The DUMBASS man next to me
started throwing $1 bills at their butts
I was so disgusted
Just because a lot of Nigerian dance appears sexual
Does not mean they are strippers.. X(

There are the dollar bills on the stage
Security told him off and bounced him… fast
Fucking Perv…

Me leaning on the stage barrier. My feet were aching so bad

Some girl screamed out “Femi marry me!!”
It was too funny

When he left we all broke into a chant “FEMI! FEMI! FEMI!”
So he came back…
… and broke into ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’

When he was done, a member of his band did one last set

The final bow (missed the actual bowing part)

The presenter announcing the venue of the After Party
I was too fucking tired to go

This DJ and I had a very animated conversation about afrobeat, language, culture, oil, politics, and life in Nigeria.
He gave me his card and told me about another show to check out.
He’s good people. 😉

I met up with my friend Tunde at the show.
Luckily Tunde came with his car because I was too tired to take the subway home
Yay to friends that drop you off!

Nigerian Music is the Shiznit.
Femi Kuti will be playing a FREE show at Prospect Park in Brookyln on the 25th.
I got this information from the DJ.
I told you he was good people.

p.s. I have lost my voice from screaming
There is a funny ringing in my ears

Because I love you all,
I made two videos.

The first’s up top. Here’s the second:

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  1. chayoma

    lol@ you wanting to be a shrine dancer, but mehn, i’m reeling in jealousy.
    soo want to see him live.
    Most def. on my to-do list.

    P.S. gonna need tips on the dances.

  2. Dante

    I am sure you had fun…ahn..ahn…I have not gone to any show of femi’s..maybe cos of the way the shrine is portrayed as a pot smoking, free zone…If it were the way that this particular was organized, I will literary live at the shrine…
    I love the way you identify with everything Nigerian…carry go joo…lol

  3. mizchif

    I am soooooooo with you on wanting to be a shrine dancer when i grow up! Beyonce + Ciara ain’t got nothing on those girls!!

    The show did look like fun.

  4. AnyaPosh

    it looks absolutely amazing. i used to dream of being one of fela’s singers/dancers from way back in the 70s. their moves were so agile & energetic.

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