When I was five…

He was my best friend. My FIRST best friend. The original. He was five too. So that helped. He was also my first kiss but it doesn’t count because we were both five and didn’t even understand the implications of a kiss.

So, TECHNICALLY, he was my first kiss, but figuratively, I think not.

He and his family moved away that same year and we lost contact for ten years. Maybe more.

A few years ago, we found each other on the Internet.

He was my best friend. He was my partner in scraped knees and grubby fingernails. He dug up worms and terrified me with them. He let me ride his brother’s bike when neither of us were tall enough to operate it properly.

Three years ago I found him again on the internet. I was happy, but there was something else.

Oh God, I have addictions and I don’t want him to become one of them.

Fifteen years ago he was a short muddy kid with boogers the size of small stones that he tried to stick on me. I was fine with that. I could deal.

The problem is, now:

Age 20

Age 20.

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  1. Sulihp

    WAAAAAT?!?(like ‘u know who’) I absolutely and totally understand where you’re coming from. He looks delicious,delectable… Wooow… I’m offering to make him my addiction, as a friend I feel it’s my responsibility to lend a helping hand. Send me his digits as well as address, facebook, skype and any other forms of communication asap so that I can start HELPING you…. Tenks

  2. juiceegal

    Hmmmmmm all of u dat r askin 4 his digits,facebook and even skype sef nawa o…..lolia and sulihp i see u…lol.
    But d boi is cute sha no denying…so sugabelly wt u gonna do bout dis sticky situation???

  3. All4Naija

    Look at our Nigerian girls who complained about blackmen here. Shame on you all. I can’t imagine you girls falling for that guy. Anyway, he’s ok in look but not so good. Look closely girls and don’t let photos fool you.It’s surprising how you girls react to black men getting married to white women.

  4. Dante

    E be like say na only females dey comment for this post….if I follow you ladies and ask for his digits nko? ..hahahahahahahaha

    Dude is good looking..no doubt…But it is deeper than that oooo.

  5. sugabelly

    @Everyone: He’s single, but he lives in London now.

    He has an older brother who is unbelievably even hotter than he is.

    But unfortunately said older brother just got engaged.

    Kai! Man pikin dey suffer.

  6. mellowyel

    i also have the best friend from childhood who turned into a hottie… unfortunately, he’s in spain now, and hasn’t yet responded to my facebook add…. since we were the first women in their lives (apart from family members, of course) can we claim first dibs? lol

  7. sugabelly

    @mellowyel: YES!!! In fact, I’m getting on a plane to London to tell him that he MUST marry me since I was his first kiss. I suggest you do the same. 😉

  8. All4Naija

    @sugarbelly Now you want to force him to marry you. With that you will not have his respect, believe me, I am a man. women should learn to win a man’s heart not this way by wooing somebody to marry by saying he was your first kiss. Jesus! I can’t comprehend you.You are losing your composure. If it were to be me, if a girl forced me to marry her, she will not have my repsect.

  9. sugabelly

    @flabby: Just hold yourself o! I shouldn’t have mentioned his location. Now all you London babes will be on the hunt. Sha, I’m not saying WHERE in London. 😉

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