Took My Hair Loose Two Weeks Ago

… and I forgot to put up the pictures. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have found that growing natural hair in a cold environment is such a pain. I don’t know why this is but it is very annoying. It’s not like I want my hair to be super long anyway, but I would just like it to be a bit longer than it is now. Is that too much to ask?

That being said, ever since I have taken out my braids, I have noticed a difference in its length. Though it took me a while to get to this part, I am actually quite pleased with the length but I would do anything to get it to grow a bit more. I was speaking about this to my friend the other week and she said that I should consider buying a wig from somewhere like if I wanted to really experience what it is like to have long hair. I wasn’t too sure about this to start with, but since looking at the different options that they have on their website, I can now see why so many people make the decision to wear wigs in the first place. Not only do they look like real, natural hair but they also look great on the models too. I wish I looked like that, and maybe having a wig will help me to feel better within myself until my hair grows again.

To be honest, I’m not really sure how to proceed. Who knew that hair could make me feel this way? That is just life though I guess. Looking back, I probably should’ve kept my braids in (I wear them months at a time). Anyway, the picture you see above is before I washed it and combed it out. Looking good, right?

Sorry, I know that it’s a bit fuzzy. It’s hard to hold the camera, smile, and blow your hair out of your eyes at the same time. I think I’m going to get some braids in again as soon as possible. Either that, or I will buy myself a wig. I have good hair. It is thick, it is kinky, it eats combs for breakfast.

I am hairy….. hear me ROAR!!!

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