My White Flag

I’ve made my last argument against racism, colourism, self-hate, and pervasive mental rot for the year.

I can’t convince people to do what they don’t feel brave enough to do and I’m sick of trying really.

Everyone should do what their conscience tells them to do, I’m done trying to be society’s conscience.

I will simply try my best to protect those I love from the evil ideas that are designed to steadily degrade their self-worth and self-confidence for as long as I can.

Everyone else is an adult and can deal with themselves. I’m done talking. If you want to relax your hair, go do you. If you think people with natural hair are ugly, mad, unprofessional, dirty, inferior, stupid, ignorant, unworthy, etc then that’s you, if you wear your hair natural, I’m not saying anything, If you don’t I’m good with that too. If you’re a boss that harasses your natural haired employees or passes them over for opportunities, I won’t say a thing.

I’m tired. I’m tired because when I say these things, people assume they know me and they know my life, and that they know all about me, so they plop me in their little box and they tick off sad, depressed, angry, etc.

Hey here’s a radical idea for you: Maybe I just care.

Maybe I care that when you have children some other people’s kids won’t want to be friends with them because of their hair. Maybe I care that your children and mine will go through life believing that they are somehow a mistake of nature. Maybe I care that children of other races never have to feel this way as far as their hair is concerned.

But you know what? Maybe I’m stupid to care. Because noone else does. So this is my last post of this sort this year.

I am an only child. I’m not saying this because I’m worried about my siblings. I’m not saying this because I am worried about me. I’ve got myself sorted. It took me a long time, but my hair insecurities are solidly behind me. I say these things because I worry that the day will come when there will not be a single Black person with even remotely curly hair.

But seriously, I should go worry about other shit. Like graduating for example.

I’m done. It doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone needs to find their own truth and their own path.

No more.

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