My Baby is Back!!!!!

If anyone has been wondering where I’ve been, let me tell you.

My laptop broke. 🙁

My three month old HP Pavilion dv5 BROKE!!!!

OMG it was terrible, and so so stupid!!!!!

I promised I would give up Hulu for Lent and one night in the middle of Lent I decided to watch Hulu and I think God punished me by making me knock my laptop off my chest and onto the floor below with a sickening crash.

But never fear!!! The wizards at Hewlett-Packard have brought my baby back to life and all is well with the world!!!!!!!!

This is my first post from my laptop and I am so, so happy!!!!

Except for the small fact that I have an Accounting exam in less than 3 hours.

Drat! Double Drat!

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