Ebonaid: The Genius in Small Things

Finally! A small company called Ebonaide is producing plasters (or Band-Aids as they are more popularly known) for people with skin tones other than white!! I am soooooo excited about this and I think it’s about damn time.

The irony of this is that last year I was having a discussion with a white friend of mine who didn’t believe that White Privilege existed. He asked me “What exactly is White Privilege?”

I told him “White Privilege is walking into any pharmacy in America 100% assured that you will find a Band-Aid that will blend into your skin.”

Now Black people can heal their wounds in private too!!

Please support Ebonaide. I went to their website and it’s a bit badly constructed so it is obvious that they are a very small company and are just starting out. Right now they are looking for wholesalers for their product (i.e. pharmacies and drug stores) so I don’t think you will see their product on shelves just yet, but I do know that once they do get on shelves, Ebonaide will be the ONLY bandages that I will ever buy.

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