Dare Has a New Video….

….. And that is all I’m going to say 😀

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  1. chayoma

    Oh yea, i did see it! twice…
    will take some time to grow on me!
    But i love MORE and MOT THAT GIRL(or is it not the girl!) lol
    love the fact he is not trying to be anything he isn’t….
    Show them what you made of Darey

  2. miss.fab

    I’m confused. Is he mixed? Or into Indian girls? And where was this video shot? Wait, who was the director even?

    Song/video don’t do anything for me…

  3. Lolia

    First of all…I don’t even like him…I don’t dislike him…I’m just not into him like that…And secondly, my my, how observant you are boo…this one too is…well…not dark skinned…

  4. pink-satin

    I have noticed Dare has been using not dark skinned girls…i dont know why he chooses white,Indian..Caucasian girls sa!!!well he is married to a dark skinned girl so we know its not like he hates dark skin..but me i dont get it!
    not feeling the song or any of his other songs..

  5. eccentricyoruba

    lmao!!!!!!!! Sugabelly when i saw the title of this post i surely wasn’t expecting this. Dare Dare Dare smh, this is so amusing. and just cause he is married to a dark-skinned woman doesn’t mean that he isn’t lusting after the light skin or valuing light skin as a prize. it’s really self-hate oh. lol.

  6. aloted

    isnt this the same girl in the other video- Not the girl, or whats the name?

    nice work but i prefer his fast moving songs.. MORE is just da bomb

  7. RocNaija

    Unlike everyone else I actually like this song.. He’s got good songwriting skills.. He just shouldn’t be singing the songs himself cause he doesn’t do them enough justice with his limited range..
    Plus the arrangement of the chorus and the bridge is a bit odd..

    Feeling the concept of the video though..

  8. sugabelly

    @Chayoma and Naija Shawty: I personally find the video distasteful. Dare has proven (once again) that in a continent full of Black women the only person he and his production team (because Dare claims he had nothing to do with the first video) found beautiful enough to star in his video is an Indian. Think about what that says to you, a black woman. In other words, by putting out three consecutive videos populated with white women Dare is telling all of us Nigerian/African women that we are fucking ugly and should get the fuck back. He’s sweet that one.

    @Miss Fab, Lolia, Pink Satin, and Eccentric: Good job observing. Dare’s last three videos have been completely full of white or Indian women. The ONLY video that featured a Black woman was More and she was part of the background scenery.

    I understand that music is a personal choice and I am not compelled to like or dislike Dare in any way, and the truth is that I really don’t care if he sings from now till tomorrow, I’m not a fan of his. The only song of his I like is Fuji, but that being said, Dare’s videos of late are sending a not-so-subtle message to five groups of people that I find very disturbing.

    1. To Nigerian Musicians: You’re not rolling on a big boy levels until you can shoot your video in South Africa or anywhere abroad and get white or generally non-black girls for your videos.

    2. To Nigerian Women: You are not good enough. You are not beautiful, you are not important. We might marry you because culturally and socially you are better suited to us but we will always in our hearts think that any random white chick is ten times hotter than you.

    3. To Nigerian Men: You must aspire to date white or non-black women because they are far better than Nigerian/African/Black women and if you don’t then you are razz, uncool, or a small boy.

    4. To Nigerian Children: Boys, look around you, forget these girls. You might have to marry them in the end, but while you’re in school abroad make sure you screw as many white girls as you can and date only non-blacks. You’ll have to marry Nigerians eventually so why not get it on with the “better” women while you’re still free?

    Girls, you are not valued, you are not beautiful, you are not important. Even though everyone else here looks just like you we will not deign to represent you in our videos because women from other races are so much better than you. Just give up now.

    5. To the rest of the world: African/Black women don’t mean shit. Feel free to trample on them, ignore them, marginalise them, misrepresent them, discriminate against them and so on because as you can see, even we the African men don’t give a fuck about them.

    I’m just saying you know. Obviously it’s not all African/Black men that think this way but unfortunately people only listen to the PROMINENT among society, and a frightening number of famous Black men are beginning to subscribe to this bullshit. O_o

    How many times have you been to a party in Nigeria or a club and one wowo white girl strolls in and suddenly your date is nowhere to be found because he’s joined the legions of Nigerian men that are slobbering over her as if the gate to eternal paradise shines out of her ass?

    Sometimes people ask what my point is but by pointing these things out I simply want to level the playing field because right now it’s all mountains and valleys and Black women are in the Bottomless Pit and non-Black women are shining on the mountain peak.

  9. All4Naija

    The black guy is just doing his thing. You are the one seeing it that way.I don’t think anything is actually wrong with that video. Maybe he should have use the local dailet too so that you can be satisfied with the video. C’mon girls.We black cheerish you like queens. I can’t understand why Sugarbelly is letting inferiority complex take over little things.

  10. The experiences of an achiever.......

    damn girl you finished him!!! jeez..
    ok maybe we should also give him the benefit of doubt and chuck it up to the freudian slip and just say his unconscious is operating.. and I so agree with Roc his lyrics are on point, but oh boy needs to go for singing advancement abi na improvement lessons.

  11. eccentricyoruba

    @all4naija, you lost me at ‘like queens’…

    @Sugabelly, you see with these issues i always forget how important they are and i’m glad you have made such a comprehensive list. i’m patiently waiting for the day a Nigerian female musician will feature a white male as a love interest. i so cannot wait to watch the reactions and comments then.

  12. All4Naija

    @The experiences… I think she got me, Lol.She has a little idea about blackmen and conclude so easily with biased examples.Black guys don’t think of our women that way.Not just for a few rich guys are flaunting with lightskin girls means all black guys do thesame.C’mon girls…!!!I think you are the ones with the issue.

    @eccentric…Lol. I am waiting to see such video featuring white male as love interest,so that Sugarbelly won’t feel that way again.

  13. sugabelly

    @All4Naija: I never said that it was all black guys that feel that way. Of course I know that probably most black guys don’t feel that way but what I’m pointing out is that while minority of black guys feel that way it is a very large minority and even more disturbing, MAJORITY of this minority that seems to feel this way work in industries where they are famous, respected, prominent, looked up to and emulated. As a result more and more young and impressionable men are thinking that it’s okay to look down on black women and cherish non-black women because they see the men that they admire and look up to doing so. It’s not right.

  14. enigmaticone

    you find the video distasteful because he used an Indian woman? correct me if i’m wrong my dear, but last time i checked, we were living in a global age, the 21st century. How does using an indian woman translate to him telling black women that they are ugly?
    you really need to stop this. if you are struggling with your average looks and weight issues, you do not need someone as random as dare to make you feel better about yourself. you need to look within urself and find acceptance, even where everyone else rejects you. your distasteful approach to these matters, will not suddenly make a black man who prefers a white woman love yu. It is not by force!!! you wreak of very low self esteem coupled with an alarming degree of self hate/inferiority complex. I will strongly advise you to lose some weight and bleach your skin – you might just feel better about urself and experience life in a ‘white’ girls world.

  15. eccentricyoruba

    @enigmaticone i know this is not my battle but i was never someone who minded my business. you do make some valid points, yes women do need to accept themselves as they are. i don’t know if you are a man or a woman however the media does affect the way women view themselves whether you like it or not.

    women moreso than men are judged by their physical attributes thus need their beauty to be validated and accepted by others. i mean it is okay for a woman to think that she is beautiful but no matter how strong she is, if other people tell her she is ugly, it will still affect her. if she gets subtle and not so subtle messages that she is not wanted, it will affect her.

    from what i know of Sugabelly, she doesn’t care for a black man to love her rather than a white woman. she is just commenting on this important issue and it is important. and how dare you suggest that she lose weight and bleach her skin? i just hope you are joking and even if you are, you’ve taken things too far. i know it is better to ignore comments such as yours but i couldn’t help myself.

  16. enigmaticone

    @eccentricyoruba, well since sugabelly is obsessed with the light skinned/white issue, it became obvious to me that her obsession with it, is because she strongly desires to be it – lihgter skinned that is. I am not quite sure what her past experience has been, but she should not rely on anyone to validate her beauty, and definitely not a group as fickle as the menfolk. a man can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world, but he will still stray. Everyone has their insecurities, and some might have been damaged from youth. if that is sugabelly’s problem; well, except where the man clearly makes derogatory comments about dark skinned women, she should leave him to love or lust after any woman he wants to love/lust after. you cannot force any man to love/accept you just because you are dark skinned. If you feel bad or ugly, you just have to seek help and learn to start loving yourself again. we have to accept that some women/men will be more appealing to people than some others whether light or dark, black or white – but you need a lot more than that to be fulfilled. physical beauty is superficial, substance is more important. That is what sugabelly should focus on and promote. if she feels bad about being dark skinned, she should focus on her inner beauty, trust me, it will radiate on the outside. Bashing anyone who dares to show a preference for a light skinned woman, and accussing them of putting dark skinned women down, is not only preposterous,it is bordering on madness. Focus on the men that love you, not the ones that don’t, and stop hating on black men who prefer a woman that is not your skin shade. Sometimes that light skinned/white woman might just have the substance the black man is looking for. Or will you prefer that everyone stick to their colour (shaded) i.e dark skinned man and dark skinned woman/light skinned man amd light skinned woman?
    If a lightskinned black man prefers a liht skinned black woman, is that going to be a problem as well? or will he be putting dark skinned women down?
    I TIRE!!!

  17. sugabelly

    @enigmaticone: o_O So this is your ingenious solution? Bleaching? really?

    I find it interesting when people like you come to my blog and make out all these things as if you’ve known me all my life. Ooooh, Sugabelly must be insecure and fat and she probably wishes she was white!

    Blank. Fucking. Stare.

    You can get as mad as you want at me but it doesn’t change the fact that videos like this send subtle messages to women all over the world, black women all over the world. It doesn’t change the fact that these are important issues and that what I say is true.

    So, if it rubs you the wrong way too bad. I don’t write my blog for you.

  18. enigmaticone

    Obviously, you don’t do irony and sarcasm. But please be my guest – GO FORTH AND BLEACH AWAY. Your mum will be proud with her ‘Nwanyi ocha’ of a daughter.

    There is nothing important in the way you tackle your issues, okay. You live in America where racism is rife. Obama did not decide to promote ‘black’ issues, but focused on swaying the ignorant racist. He rose above them and did not focus on their HATE. That is why he could garner support from people of different races. If you focus more on our common humanity, i tell you that you will appeal even to the most fervent of ‘light skinned women addict/lovers’. That is what people like Martin Luther King, mandela, Gandhi and the like did – they aimed to change the human perceprtion of our race. You can do the same if you stop this divide, this ‘them against us’ issue that you propagate.

    Real advocates for change do not spew hate, they spread love. We are all one and the same – HUMAN. There is nothing that nature has endowed that light skinned woman with, that makes her more human than you. We all share a commom humanity. Only love, peace and UNITY will strenghten us. We can only try to achieve this, but we should not promote the division you seek. Let everyone love who they want to love, and those who do not feel accepted, should trudge ahead with humility, bearing ignorance/hate with as much grace as they can afford.
    Afterall, in the words of Shakespeare’s King Lear; ‘man’s life is as cheap as beasts’ – we will all die one day, light skinned or dark skinned, white or black – we will die. Therefore our lives are pretty meaningless. In grand scheme of things, YOU will come to realise how meaningless being/loving a lighter shade or darker shade is, as we all face a common fate.
    Promote peace, by all means be positively passionate, but never obsessed.

    I know your blog is not meant for me, i never alluded to that fact. I chose to read and comment, and more importantly to counter HATE.


  19. eccentricyoruba

    i personally do not think Sugabelly is obsessed with this issue. i feel she is just making a commentary. i think you are jumping into conclusions regarding Sugabelly here. i tire too, there are more respectful ways to show disagreement.

  20. enigmaticone

    ‘more respectful ways to show disagreement’ huh?

    ‘Blank f&*%ing stare’ – according to SUGABELLY.

    Eccentric/Defender of sugabelly:



  21. enigmaticone

    I was only borrowing your phrase. that was an honest reaction the eccentric’s advise. It was truly shocking, i needed an equally shocking phrase to depict my shock.

    Hope you don’t mind that i borrowed your ‘phrase’ Cheers.

  22. cerberus

    We actually have caucasian looking Nigerians and Africans.Lemme give you an example. I have a friend who was born in Nigeria to mixed race Parents and only travels for the summer holidays. This Friend looks ultra ultra light skinned and still gets sunburn after 25 years does that make my friend less African? I don’t think so and i have loads like that who came out more Lebanese or Indian looking. So you never know, the “Indian chick” could be South African after all or even Nigeria cos my friend L looks exactly like that and she Naija pass me sef.

  23. sugabelly

    @Cerberus: But you just said your friend’s parents are mixed race. That is OBVIOUSLY why she or he looks Caucasian. It still doesn’t change the fact that most Africans don’t look Caucasian. Also, this Indian chick is definitely not African. Please we can’t deceive ourselves to that level. Yes there are SOME Indians that are mistaken for Black people, but I assure you this is not one of them.

    The point is: Most Africans are your regular Black people and they never get represented in anything. people always pass them over because people think that Africans are ugly or whatever and noone wants to be associated with Africans not even some other Africans.

    People would rather associate themselves with the White is Right mentality. My problem is that in a continent FULL to bursting point of Black women the only woman Dare could find to put in his video was Indian/white? Come on! You do the math.

    Let’s assume that Dare or his production team didn’t do it intentionally. Let’s assume that it was all random.

    Do you know how many Black women there are on our continent? Now do you know how many Indian women there are?

    Mix them all up in a bowl and calculate the probability of the colour of the woman you pick. It will be a Black woman EVERY time. This girl totally goes against the math. She was chosen deliberately because she was Indian or whatever she is and because the production team (Dare claims he had nothing to do with it) felt that because she was Indian then she was far classier than all the other Black women that might have applied for the job.

    I call bullshit. Not in my own damn continent. People should not be able to walk into your home and insult you.

  24. All4Naija

    @Sugarbelly You will never give in to anyody’s comment – I know that!I realy love you for that.There’re some true that Indian girl may not be an African.On the other hand, the bone of contention is color not her ethnicity.If the girl was to be black Indian there wouldn’t have be any reason whatsoever for Sugarbelly to pipe out loud about her being on the video. But, c’mon sugarbelly, am a gentle sweet black African waiting to prove here that blackmen are not what you think they are.

  25. Roses

    ok, I admit I watched the vid on mute because I’m no fan of Dare’s…I just want to say bullshit he had nothing to do with picking the girl. Even if he didnt he could have objected couldnt he? Im not like…a prejudiced black power radical or anything but …a black musician living in a black country on a black continent just happens to pick an Indian girl? Really? Come the fuck on!
    Even if the messages Sugabelly mentioned arent intentional theyr still there and seeping into the subconscious of our generation and gernerations to come. Its depressing. What do we do??
    x x x x x

  26. eccentricyoruba

    Roses! thanks for that! i believe what we should do is counter this, for example in my bid to empower African girls, i have taken to writing fiction. if some male musicians choose beautiful dark-skinned women that would help too. and since i believe in equal opportunity the few Nigerian musicians better start putting foreign men in their videos too. most importantly we should be willing to discuss this issue.

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