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I am soooo tired. I just got back from work and I’m curled up in bed, and all I want to do is sleep, but my doctor has ordered my not to sleep until nighttime, and in fact not to go near my bed until it’s time to sleep. We’re trying to reset my sleep patterns you see. So I shouldn’t be on my bed. But noone is going to tell so I might as well.

It’s been work work work all week, and class class class, and I’m aching and just sad and tired. I need a massage. Yesterday I fell asleep in class and began to snore. And I didn’t know that the professor and the whole class spent the entire period laughing at me 🙁

One of the bright spots this week has been starting the Ndebe project. Seriously people, I need entries. No you don’t have to be able to draw, it doesn’t have to look fantastic, just make some squiggles on paper and upload them to the facebook group (which by the way is called The Igbo Academy and can be found here: HERE)

So far I’m the only one who has done any designing. I’m going to assume that everyone else that has joined the group so far is nervous/scared. Now I’m not saying this in a bad way (as in you coward, you’re chicken!) but I understand that people don’t exactly come back after school and begin to create writing systems so I know that some people are not entirely sure of themselves as far as this is concerned, and I understand that some people do not completely get what we’re doing.

I’ve put up my ideas for the individual glyphs/letters. So far I’ve done only the Consonants and Vowels. I haven’t done numbers, punctuation or tone, so I’ve still got some work to do. There are pictures of the entire alphabet in the group album, but I’ll put up some photos of words I’ve done here.

Also, I made a very short tutorial video for those who are wondering how best to write my letters. I designed them to be easier and faster to write, so the alphabet is almost entirely cursive.

I personally think it’s pretty, but I’ll let you make that judgment for yourselves:

I’m writing in marker so the letters are a little splotchy. There are pictures of the individual letters that make up my alphabet plus a video on how to write them on the Facebook group.

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  1. Sting

    I’ve been following ur posts about this project but haven’t contributed b4 now. My issue with this is that, i have no idea exactly what u need or how to even go about doing anything.

    I guess a lot of people are having that same issue. Do u want people to just make up stuff, so is there a template for this?

  2. sugabelly

    Hmm… I see what you mean. Okay, I am going to do a post on this.

    I want people to design or make up letters. The designer sets the rules for writing e.g. when I designed my letters, I made up a rule that all vowels will be written ON TOP of the consonants instead of next to them.

    Secondly, the designer must make sure that their letters or writing system and rules solve at least one of the initial problems associated with the Roman based writing system. (e.g. Because in my writing system vowels go on top of consonants, my system shortens all words by the number of vowels in each word. Also, my writing system is almost completely cursive which makes it faster to write. I did this because many Igbo words are long and it is cumbersome to write them with the Roman system)

    Now, the last thing is that people don’t need to design an entire alphabet. If someone just wants to make up the rules and get help from the rest of the community for the actual design of the letters, then that’s okay too. In the end we vote on everything after seriously discussing each contribution.

    Hope this clears up things.


    @ Suga: Hmmm…Amaka is cute! Will send it to my girlfriend by that name.

    I studied Japanese and love writing the language. My experience with that leads me to ask a question – Would it be better to create a script (alphabetic/phonetic) before creating actual words? Basically, how did you come up with the characters for Amaka? How can you break down those characters so that they can be replicated for other words? Like, in ‘Amaka’ for instance, I notice the distinct difference between what I believe represents ‘MA’ and ‘KA’. Will others working on this project have to follow those characters when expressing those sounds? If so, it might be good to demarcate this and encourage others to follow up.

    I’m not sure if I am expressing myself as well as I intend because I have 3 creatures practically sitting on the laptop (thought I would bloghop in bed, but my little monkeys have other ideas.)

    Okay, will shoot you an email and/or look for you on Twitter once I get these people settled…

    BTW, as someone who created a secret written language for my best friend and I when growing up, this is SUPER exciting! Keep up the good work, Sugabelly!

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