Pictures and Research

Pictures and Research

So Zara left me a scathing comment and asked me to show research that supported my arguments about the ongoing mistreatment of dark-skinned Black women at the hands of certain Black men. Here are some clippings of things that people are saying about Black girls around the Internet. There’s a lot of stuff but I chose these in particular because they hit close to home. They are from Nairaland, which is probably the biggest and most active Nigerian forum out there.

Of course if you want more proof you can go look in the thousands of forums, blogs, articles, reports, studies etc. that exist about this phenomenon, but this is just a blog, and my blog at that, and I’m not about to flood it with endless media for the sake of winning an argument.

Anyway, read for yourselves what your fellow Nigerians think. I know it’s not all of them, and I also know that this is more widespread here in America, but the TRUTH remains that this mentality is highly pervasive and is becoming FIRMLY rooted in the Nigerian psyche to the eventual detriment of the majority of us.

You might say the Internet is not a “credible” source, but I beg to differ. The Internet is NOT a credible source when one is writing a term paper. However, the Internet is THE MOST CREDIBLE source is existence when one needs to find out what people REALLY think. There is nowhere that people express their TRUE feelings and opinions in greater numbers on Earth than on the Internet because it gives them the one thing that they would NEVER be able to get anywhere else: TRUE ANONYMITY.

If you can’t be found out and you can’t be caught and you can’t be judged by others, then you say all that is in your mind and in your heart without reservation. Trust me, not every fact you read on the Internet is true, but I assure you: EVERY opinion you read on the Internet is the Gospel Truth.

This, after all is the First Lady of CAMEROON:

Chantal Biya, First Lady of Cameroon

Videos you should watch:

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  1. ~Butterfly~

    Honestly this is ineffable. Since when did ur skin colour determine ur ‘Trustworthiness’?? Nd d shallow one that said most black girls are ugly is unbelievable. If you come from an ugly household PLEASE do NOT generalize. ugly comes in ALL shapes, sizes nd COLOUR. mscheew…

  2. Sting

    Some of the comments made by people are so ignorant, they are funny. For example, the “coloured” dude from south Africa who asked why most black women are ugly. I burst out laughing after reading it.

    I read Zara’s comment and it wasn’t exactly a scathing comment. She expressed her opinion, which is what we all have, opinions. Your blood too dey hot my sister, chillax.

  3. onydchic

    Ur taking many of your examples from Nairaland? A place where wife beating is encouraged/accepted and ignorance is permanently on display? Many of the opinions on that forum is an embarrassing show of how backwards we are.

    That aside, I read your last post but didn’t really know how to respond to it.

    As someone who is a bit fair in colour, I guess I can’t say I’ve ever experienced the colourism first hand, but I have met people who think like this. My ex, a black as night fellow, once told me he could only date fair girls. That was such a turn off. He couldn’t give an intelligent reason either.

    It’s just based on ignorance really and shallowness. I’ve met girls too who say they can’t date fair guys. People raise themselves on the stereotype that dark girls are ugly and fair guys are not masculine enough. It’s crazy. I have friends abroad who say they can’t date white men because they’re too ‘white’ (wtf?). Then again, they’re also the same ones that said they can only marry Yorubas while they were here so I guess they’re already lost causes.

    I can’t speak for people outside the country, cos I’ve never left, but the sad truth is, every culture, every race, every society has those set of standards that constantly give some its women a sense of low esteem.

    Some places, if you’re not slim with big boobs you’re not worthy to be dated. In some others, if you’re too pale, too brown, you’re frowned upon. It’s always something, and it’s tragic that people choose to judge characters by skin color.

    The hair thing? Well, I’m not bothered. I’m not embarassed my hair type. It’s not long and flowing, but it works. Then again, I was never one of those people that needed to permanently hide my hair under weaves. If a guy, white or otherwise, chooses to not like me because of my hair, then he was never really worth it anyway. We’re all different, we can’t have the same characteristics. *shrug*

  4. msakudo

    hey, I don’t even think you should have cited anything for your opinion. Number 1, its your opinion. Number 2, anyone who has lived in the United States or the United Kingdom (I use these are places I’ve lived in) and is 100% honest knows this mentality exists to a large extent. You’d have to be hiding under a rock for your entire life to not have noticed patterns of black men dating.


    This comment is not intended to offend …just some points for you and readers to pick up on. And I intend to be completely honest but if anyone finds this offensive. My apologies.
    Ok, here we go. I dont think black women were created as a lesser human than her white counterpart. But it is those black girls who prefer to wear braids or weave on that bring shame to the black race. I find nothing as disgusting as a black girl with weave on or braids or who tries in some way to emulate having the hair of a white woman.
    I love and find so irresistable the black woman who has natural hair i.e. dreads or plaited in the African style. Nothing as beautiful as the natural black woman. Nothing and until I can find one with natural hair, Ill continue dating other races where the women tend to have natural hair. There is nothing as off puting during sex as the smell of weave on or braids…I alwyas become impotent when I smell such

    That aside, sugar belly will you be my 4th wife? In the whole of blogosphere, I havent come across another like you.

  6. nosa101

    @ Isa

    Sugabelly has had a weave, I’ve seen it. Does that make her less hot? I bet it does. That smelly ass weave ruining your sex.


  7. Ladi

    I’ve meet toooo many dark-skinned girls hating on fair-skinned girls so from my perspective, people just hate each other and some of these arguments are totally uneccessary. At the end of the day, ‘to each his own.’

    There’s nothing wrong with the Camerounian first lady. Shes fair, thats how she was made and because many man seem to find fair girls attractive doesn’t mean we who are darker should be hating.

    Its like chubby people hating on naturally skinny girls. Sorry, God did it, don’t hate.

  8. sugabelly

    @Ladi: Did you read the post before this? You HAVE to read the post BEFORE this to get this post. Nobody is hating on light-skinned women. I said very clearly in the LAST post that light-skinned women are simply fortunate to be at the top of the pecking order, but that the problem lies with Black Men.

    And as for all those dark-skinned girls you’ve met “hating” on light-skinned girls, well they have a reason and it’s a good one too: Dark-skinned girls are treated on average very badly by men while light-skinned girls are treated like they are a piece of precious glass. It’s unfair. Just because someone is light-skinned does not mean that they are beautiful, but a lot of men act as if that is the rule.

    I am not saying it is right to hate anybody, and THESE TWO POSTS are most definitely NOT about hate.

    In my two posts I am examining the reason why there is a perception that dark-skinned girls are ugly and light-skinned girls are beautiful and the associated treatment of each group by the people that came up with these categories in the first place: MEN.

  9. Ada

    haba…zara’s comment was no where scathing…
    while I do agree with some of your points and like someone pointed out you dont need citations to prove that light skinned women are up the totem pole,I do feel some your descriptions were extreme, sentimental and melodramatic..

    You make it look like black women are walking around with shit on their face, down trodden, mad at the world cos some guy is not paying them attention…I found some of your descriptons laughable..teeeheee sorry

    Being a Dark Skinned individual, yes I have experienced some sort of shunning because of a lighter skinned Lady present..but do I feel horrible about myself? No..

    I love every inch of me and there are other guys who appreciate me the way I am as well. I think black women should begin to love themselves regardless of what the world is portraying, or how many guys are trying to holler at them..

    From conversations I have with people who date white women or those who know these men, I have inferred that one of the main reasons for their preference has to do with character. They say black women are strong headed, stubborn and always want to have their way as opposed to cute little susie that is docile and submissive. I guess they aren’t man enough.

    lastly its not only an African thing..its an Asian thing, an American thing. in fact its a world thing. Yes the bleaching cream business is thriving in asia

    as per the white men quotes..whats wrong with they said. That they love black woman booty and lips. what is wrong with finding those features of her attractive?..

  10. sugabelly

    @Ada: Actually the reasons Asians (Oriental Asians) bleach are very different from the reasons the rest of the world bleaches.

    Oriental Asians bleach because in feudal times, the poor had to work on the fields and so became dark, while the rich stayed in the house and remained light.

    As a result, Oriental Asians don’t like to look dark so that other Oriental Asians won’t assume they are poor.

  11. AnyaPosh

    WOW at the comment that “white women or light skinned women are so beautiful & trustworthy”. O_o
    What the heck is up with that kinda mentality. I’m sick of people who aren’t trying to unlearn their basic assumptions of reality. I bet those people making such derogatory comments are educated & exposed…but I guess their ‘enlightenment’ hasn’t reached the darkest corners of their subconscious.

    In the end people will keep saying ignorant things until their breed of thought dies out. Until then, we can only wait & keep speaking the truth.

  12. ayannab

    @ ada and other people. why are people acting like this is taking place in the twilight zone? that’s really how it is, sad but true. and even though YOU may not have felt “horrible” about this happening but the fact still remains, that it happens and this is still problematic and furthermore it’s NOT that farfetched for overlooked/denied/ignored black women to feel badly about themselves. you write as though it is some improbable connection when i can clearly see how that can happen!

    and many black women DO feel that way–many of them–the evidence is everywhere. that’s like trying to come in as a blonde-white-woman saying you are not the epitome of beauty. it doesn’t change the fact that in the larger discourse: your clearly ARE and are regarded as such. you statements reek of those kinds of people employing the rhetoric of the strong black woman: standing tall in the face of insult and neglect at the hands of men who deny them attention because they happen to be dark.

    and anyway asking black men [or people] in general and receiving honest answers about their HONEST perceptions of race, attraction, perceived attraction etc. is extremely hard to do. most people censor themselves and that’s why many black men in real life are not honest and forthcoming about their rationale behind their choices of a partner and who they find attractive [and why they find those women attractive]. a few may be but many will not. celebs will never be i am sure. that’s why certain kinds of “conscious” type men [if you run into any] make a big to-do about loving black women and even the dark ones. even they know it’s NOT the norm and therefore it’s worth celebrating.

    it’s like asking people what they do in bed: unless you are there, screwing said person–there will probably be a split consciousness between what they know they REALLY do and feel vs. what they will actually disclose. that’s why sugabelly’s post is all the more enlightening because it’s real and she wrote WITHOUT that internal censor exposing the underlying truths, issues, concerns and pain affecting dark skin black women everywhere. black men and other people denying its existence or reality or the gravity of the matter and down-playing it’s significance–really doesn’t help the situation further. it’s easy for black men to complain about what was said–they’re not the ones at the bottom of the totem pole!

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