Mini Birthday Party

Yesterday was the last day of Spring Break so only a few of my friends were back, but we made do with an impromptu birthday party at a friend’s place. It was only some cake and some candles, but there were smiles all round! Hopefully next year I’ll manage to throw a bigger party with all of the trimmings! Maybe the money I’ve saved this year can go towards a whole host of decorations next time. I’m talking balloons, streamers and maybe even a happy birthday neon sign from somewhere similar to Neon Filter. Either way, this year was still fun, and the chocolate cake was to die for!

A dear friend/ex-lover suggested
I get a cake from The Cheesecake Factory
In his words, their cakes are “fucking awesome”
He was so right…

Yes, the Birthday Girl was too lazy
To get rid of her old peeling nail polish
*Twenty candles*

It looked so pretty sitting there all lit up

I huffed, and I puffed…

And licked the chocolate off the candles…

And everybody beamed at the prospect of cake…

Even one of my most sombre friends
Managed to crack a smile..

So we stuffed our faces…

To Yum…and beyond…

There’s still cake left.
Somehow I managed to fit it in my minifridge.
Yay to late night snacking! 😀

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  1. Bibi

    awwwwww. now you’ve made me humgry. chessecake factory is not very far. i’ll open their doors for them tomorrow. HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there. twenty exclamation marks.

  2. bllk wolf

    hey!!! hey!!!
    thats my line!
    “hoff-d -n- puff-d”
    (“copirite protekted”)
    wudnt want to sue u a day after ur…
    lets settle it like civilised people huh?
    u know that piece of cake u “stylishly preserved”
    that wud keep me quiet for a while!

  3. PatrixBlog

    i gotchu a quick birthday present honeybee btw b, u need to lose wait.. asin not weight.. wait…lol]


    oh n yh… this is the best part of this note is swagger jacked n twas done spontaneously…
    from god…

    think along these lines…
    guitar heroes… are we singers or dancers…or are we humans… viva la vida?? coldplay?? no??? get there with ur swag parade babe..

    money is everythn.. the only person weezy competes with is this 19 yr old girl called cynplex.. he’s 21 yes??? ill break his skin for hurting me…

    back to u honey bee… niaja has a platform for cynplex.. lets make it a stage yes??

    appreciate the greatness of GOd and his trisecta…..

    i get this from my daddy n i dnt give a fuck if ur own dad [the one thts missing out tight now] knows abt the greatness within…

    babe, our coalition has started without ur permission, uve js sucked cynplexs dick and she’s abt to sneeze like a venezuelan tranny martian [[from mars]]
    … i dnt think u cud handle muh more… ill letchu go…


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  4. Squiggle


    Oh no! …Nets time use coupons please. Can’t remeber what they are called , but went a a road trip a few years ago and when we reached each new city we would ask for “the book” which basically contains same day discounts for locla hotesl with vacancies. For $66 a night you and your friend could have had a room to yourself. At teh very least next time do a single sex room …thought of sharing a room with a strnge man in Yankee is scary o

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