I’m TWENTY!!!!

Me at my pre-birthday dinner at Churrascara Platoforma in Manhattan

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  1. Temite

    happy baffday! and I cant believe you are only 20. Damn I needs to get going men…so much to do. Anyhoos manny happy returns and enjoy your day lovely one.

  2. mizchif


    Many happy returns of the day. Hope u have lots of fun, and may this new yr in your life bring with it even more accomplishments, In Jesus name.


  3. bllk wolf

    oops!!!silly me!
    neways realised i left a b.day message in ur last post..
    *smiles to self*
    decided to copy and paste it PROPERLY!!!
    *aint me a smart one**grins*
    Happy Birthday!!!
    although i still dey vex o!!!
    i left a comment a while back and u “iggied” it abi?
    (na werin i think be that o)!
    hope u had a swell time on ur b.day dear!!!
    lovely tots…

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