Sorry, No Africans Please

So the Red Cross is here at my school doing a blood drive. I was working so I couldn’t get up and give blood but since they set up the blood drawing stations right in front of me I spent all of work watching people lie in the beds and give blood.

Now I was hoping to donate blood for the first time as it seems to me that the American students seemed very fired up and passionate about it, almost as if it was their bounden duty to do a service to humanity by given their blood, so the moment my shift ended I sauntered up to the registration table and waited my turn.

I had waited a short while and there was only one guy in front of me. In the line I was wondering to myself if this was a good idea since I was anaemic as a child. Even though I’m not anymore, it occurred to me that depleting my blood supply might possibly bring it back. Anyway, I was in the line, with the one guy in front of me. The Red Cross lady was asking him some questions as he signed up and then he asked her if he was eligible to give blood, and she said “yes, unless you’ve had a tattoo, then you need to wait one year at least before giving blood, or if you’ve been to Africa or had sex with an African.”

My blood turned cold.So I know they are concerned about AIDS and stuff, but it’s not like people in America don’t have HIV. Majority of Africa’s population as a whole DOES NOT have HIV but the way people go on about it you’d think that every one of us had the HIV waiting to launch itself from our frikkin’ skin! Even on a country by country basis, and I do not mean to downplay the plight of the people that actually are dying of AIDS, probably the few countries that really raise eyebrows would be Swaziland and Botswana.

Besides, don’t they screen the damn blood?? How can you just place a blanket ban on a whole continent?? Frankly I am sick of Americans acting as if all the stuff they run around the world trying to save people from does not happen in their own country. You’d think NOBODY had HIV in America, that there was ZERO poverty, and everybody was on a permanent dose of Happy Powder.

Fuck that. I’ll keep my damn blood to myself then since you don’t want it. We should start deporting people with fucking cold sores then. Everyone knows Herpes is about to eat this country alive.

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  1. mellowyel

    not just AIDS, also sickle cell, malaria, etc. i don’t even waste time considering donating blood anymore. when they ask, i simply say, “Sorry, can’t. Went to Africa recently.” it’s not worth getting angry over.

  2. Sulihp

    i know that they say u cnt give blood if uv bin in africa in the time frame of a year or so because of malaria. as for the having slept with an African never heard ’bout that one until now

  3. bumight

    its because of HIV. you cant give blood if u are/have done anything that puts u at risk for HIV.

    this includes being born in Africa, or having had sexual contact with a person who is.

    for malaria, u can give blood after 3 years of leaving the endemic country.

  4. Confessions in scarlet

    i never knew malaria was an issue with blood donations, guess you learn a new thing everyday. Just read that you can’t give before 6month after travel to malarious areas and 3years after u actually had malaria

    Somehow when people think AIDS they instantly think of Africa. and since a lot of people refer to ‘Africa’ as if it is one big countries i’m not suprized that the whole continent is lumped into one. Shame 🙁

  5. Afrobabe

    Good news as the tot of having my blood drawn off me has never been a good one…

    would have been really pissed if I was on that line though..

    But Bumight are u saying hiv is not an issue with people who haven’t been to Africa or had sex with an African person?? How does a white girl know her boyfriend has never been with an African girl?

  6. Sting

    It’s more because of malaria than HIV, generally. This one about sex with an African is a whole nother dimension. Never heard of that one b4. That is some ignorant shit.

  7. Mista Jaycee

    Hey Love,
    You need to contact the branch or district office of the American Red Cross and tell them what happened. Ask what the criteria actually is. I don’t believe it’s what home chick said.

    Plus We will write and start some ish with them.


  8. pink-satin

    yeah its about cant give blood if u have been in a country where they have that malaria…now i dont know what sex has to do with it..can anyone contact malaria by sleeping with someone who has Malaria or visited a country that has it?’If i were you i will contact the headoffice and let them know what you heard!

  9. Funke

    its not malaria and its african countries either – at least when i first tried to donate blood it was nigeria and a bunch of other countries. I checked it out, its because subsaharan africa mostly has a strain of HIV that is non prevalent in the US, but its still all a bunch of shit. thats where the sex thing comes from. which is really stupid, do you ask someone if they’ve been to africa before you have a shag?

    If it makes you feel any better, gays cant donate blood either

    as for your stew … that one na real wah.

  10. AnyaPosh

    it’s not just about malaria hun. It’s also because of the fact that they cannot verify that your blood has not been tainted by the dreaded African virus “Kumchikwangikolo-alaquenchireria”.

    I kid. but seriously…this happened to me last year here in Canada & it’s the same damn excuse – malaria. I think they should be happy to take my blood because I am a malaria survivor & that is a big PLUS to anyone who wants to survive in this century where Mosquitoes have evolved into deadly terminators.

  11. sugabelly

    @AnyaPosh: MEGALOL!!!

    @Everyone Else: Malaria or AIDS I don’t even damn care anymore. I think it’s more Malaria now that you guys mention it, but I also think that they are buying into the “Every African has AIDS” stereotype.

    Annoying much?

    Speaking of stereotypes, I’m going to post on another one pretty soon.

    Oh, and to Nosa and Multi: I haven’t forgotten that I’m supposed to write a post. 😉

  12. NaijaPrincess

    That happened to me too. One of my professors used giving blood as extra credit n i was really excited cuz i needed dat extra credit. I got dere and they won’t let me give blood because according to the lady the AIDS epidemic is really high..i was so pissed that day and every time i see there van at my school i remember the incidence n get mad all over again.

  13. Godam5

    Sorry for the necrophilia, but, yeah, I’ve run into this, too.

    I’m American, but my parents are Igbo, too. Technically, I’m Nigerian and Igbo, but I’ve been born and living in the US all my life. ^^; (I also haven’t been to Nigeria, and I hope to go, someday, if it’s safe for someone with a thick Atlanta accent like me… ^^)

    When I was 17, my high school did a blood drive a few weeks or so after 9/11 happened, and I went to go give blood. I saw the application, and basically, *I*, the American, could give blood, but not *my parents* or any of their Nigerian friends or their relatives, despite their having been in this country for over 20 years (my mom, almost thirty).

    I don’t think there’s a legitimate excuse for keeping Africans away from donating. I think it’s just laziness and bigotry on part of the Red Cross, particularly considering their banning of gay blood as well. Everyone needs blood, though, and the people of New York City certainly needed it, then, so I wasn’t going to refuse to donate because the organization taking it is being run by asses.

    But, yeah. If you ever have kids here, then they can donate as much as they like, their blood being purged of the evil Africanness by the wonderful, free, certainly uncorrupt American health care system, as well as its international wings.

    Yeah, screw them. I wonder if Red Crescent is as biased?

    (A humorous end to the story: after I donated, I got anemic, and I had to take pre-natal pills and other sorts of vitamin/iron pills in order to replenish my iron-deficiency. My mom was so pissed off about it she called the school to complain, and they said that since I was seventeen, there was nothing they really could do to prevent students from giving blood. At 17, you can give blood without requiring parental permission. For whatever reason, I find that funny, but yeah…)

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