Let’s Step On the Africans…

Thank you Dior, for reducing the population of the continent nothing more than worthless pawns to be exploited in your fashion show as the heels of your shoes. And should you try to deceive me with your cock and bull story about celebrating African culture, consider how interesting it is that in your fashion show celebrating “African culture” only ONE of your models was black.

*UPDATE/NOTE: This is in response to something Lolia said and I think it might be causing some confusion. I am not offended by the fact that Dior is experimenting with African themes (okay, I admit I’m a bit annoyed, but that is not the point). The symbolism of these shoes should be clear enough to anyone. If a political satirist had cartooned these shoes he couldn’t have done a better job.

The West has been “stepping on Africans” for a very long time now.

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  1. Dani

    WTF? When I think I’ve seen it all something like this pops up. I’ve never been a fan of labels like Dior and will be shooting a 4 page letter to their corporate office about this. Who was the Black model who was featured? I can’t believe a Black model would allow themselves to be subjected to this just for a few dollars.

  2. Lolia

    When will you realize that that’s just the way the world works? We just all have to learn to deal.
    There will be people who will use non-African/black models to model African inspired stuff and there will be those who won’t. There’s really no point getting mad at it. Everyone should be allowed to express themselves and if that’s how Dior wants to express itself then it’s cool. Free them. Are they begging you to like/admire them?

    My 2 cents.

  3. mellowyel

    Lolia, so the black model has a right to earn her money. but Dior should NOT do this kind of crap and not assume that people might be offended, or people might get mad. I have a right to be mad at this! It’s not because Dior is trying to be African – it’s because Dior has MODELS OF AFRICAN WOMEN AS THE HEELS OF THEIR SHOES. I don’t give a fuck if they make stuff that’s “African-inspired” – they can do whatever the hell they want, but not this. This is OFFENSIVE! This is just as bad as the NY Post cartoon of a policeman shooting a monkey and then saying “i guess we’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill”. Use African culture and representations of african women in your designs, but not as the heels of rich women’s shoes. people will do whatever the hell they want, and yes, that’s the way the world works, but that doesn’t mean that we should fucking zip our lips shut and not talk about it or try and change it. if we were all just complacent about things, NOTHING would change. we’d probably all still be slaves by now if people had just said “that’s the way the world works, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

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