Fun Igbo Fact of the Day

Traditionally, an Igbo woman can marry another Igbo woman if she pays her bride price.

In Igbo, it’s called “Kpim” 😀

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  1. Sulihp

    no, they do not have sexual relations. i think, what happens is that a relative or another sleeps with the girl and the child is that of the woman who payed the bride price. like i said I THINK

  2. sugabelly

    @Everyone: Sulhip is right. The women either married the girls so that they could have children for their husbands if either the husband or the woman was barren, or a widow or a rich woman could marry a girl and keep her as a wife but the girl would be able to have lovers who were carefully selected by the Female Husband in order to have children.

    However I think more research is needed to see if any of these relationships ever developed into full blown lesbian relations.

    That would be interesting no? Especially since it would give the Anti-Gay Nigerian Government apoplexy.

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