Cooking Attempt 1: Rice and Stew

Since I’m turning twenty this year, I have decided to cave to my family’s wishes and learn how to cook. At this age, I should at least be able to cook something. If little kids play pretend as if they
are in the kitchen, then I’m sure at twenty something, I can actually rustle up something tasty to eat. Let’s give it a go. I mean, if it doesn’t work out, at least I can say I tried. href=””>My Cooking Drawer (Formerly the home of my Stilettos)

Getting the Stuff Out

No Parboiling Needed 😀

I cut like a pro

I think this is how you’re supposed to start the stew

The chicken gave me a little trouble so I stabbed it in anger

Added the corned beef (was I supposed to?)

My first pot ever!! I’m so proud 😀

Maybe cooking isn’t that bad afterall

I threw the cornbeef mixture in there with the chicken

Yay! Cooking makes me feel so grownup! 😀

I spoke too soon: Something is very wrong

My trusty Monkey-shaped Potato Peeler: Isn’t he cute?

I had to call my Mom in Nigeria for help

Potatoes are the answer: My Mommy said so!!!

Yay, potatoes will thicken my stew and make the water go away. Or at least that’s what I think she said. :/

Showing off my Battle Scars. Cooking sux. 🙁

The finished product. It’s not exactly the rice and stew you know, but at least there’s rice, ….. and some sort of substance that I shall now name “Stew”

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  1. That is all

    I guess everyone cooks their stew differently. Here’s another recipe you can try out
    1. blend tomatoes and red bell pepper with one clove of garlic and a slice of ginger
    2. mix in tomato paste – that’s what thickens it
    3. heat up oil (medium heat)
    4. add onions
    5. add tomato et al blend
    6. let it fry properly, keep on checking and stirring for like 15 to 20 mins
    7. add chicken stock, corn beef, chicken and whatever other garnishing
    8. don’t forget your seasoning, knorr, salt, pepper.

  2. Sting

    P.S you don’t need tomato paste to thicken stew. Just don’t add water to begin with. You actually add water or meat stock preferably after the stew is dry (water that comes with the tomato is steamed off and it is done).

  3. sugabelly

    @Thatisall: Thanks for the recipe. I’ll try it out when I’m feeling more confident.

    @Ty: Thank you for not laughing.

    @Sting: Gotcha.

    @Avartsy: Cool. Will try it and post accordingly.

    @Temite: Ah, you wicked wicked girl. Laughing at my cooking misfortune.

    @Tisallaboutme: It was quite delicious actually. I just don’t know what it is. And yes, my potato peeler kicks ass.

  4. Oma

    lol mehn sweety u try. better than my first attempt that one was pure poison. sha u needed to blend the tomatoes with onions, and pepper u can add garlic and ginger if you want but they shud all be fresh.

    if u want to save urself some stress get some chopped canned tomatoes.

    then u fry the paste to dry it out dont put any oil o! just cook the paste till it dries out.

    then in a different pot fry some onions dnt leave the onions to fry for too lng just till u can smell the onions

    then u add the dry paste and stir fry it for a lil bit then u can add ur chicken or meat stalk if u add too much it wil be watery so just add enuf to make it as thick or as light as u want

    add some spices and leave simmer

    keep tasting and adjusting a u see fit cooking comes naturally as long as u give it a chance

    that was my second attempt and it turned out great!!!!!!! =]

    o! one more thing when cooking the chicken make sure u spice it very nicely and let it cook so the flavour comes out if not theres no point adding it to the stew as it is just water…=]

    ok thats all…..

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