What I Wore Today

So I thought about what Angela said, and questioned why I have taken to wearing red lipstick every day. The answer is that it makes me feel fun and flirty and passionate and wild. It reminds me of the girl I once was. *sigh*

I woke up this morning and decided to try on my beloved red lipstick. Then it made me happy and I decided to get dressed. 😀 I’ve also started wearing my brooches a lot more. Actually, I’m collecting brooches, so if there’s a Fairy Godmother (or Father) out there, I want the white tiger and the turtle brooches from Kenneth Jay Lane!!

I wore red lipstick to work yesterday.
And before I put on my clothes this morning.
And when I was all dolled up. Yay!!!

Speaking of brooches:
If you want to know my mood, read my pins. My birthday is in a few months (very few!) I really need that tiger brooch and maybe a leopard one too. I feel fierce.


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