Sugabelly discovers Red Lipstick, and is Deliriously Happy

Finally, I have found not just a red lipstick, but THE red lipstick. Now the saying goes that there is a red lipstick out there for every woman, and every woman has to find her very own shade, but as Multi will tell you I searched high and low and tried many different shades of red lipstick, with no success. Being dark skinned I couldn’t just slap on anything and walk out the door. Unlike my fair friends, I had to go a hunt for the perfect red lipstick that wouldn’t fight with my skin or make me look silly.

Last month I found my ultimate red lipstick, which incidentally is a pencil. Make that TWO pencils.

Behold Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in Dragon Girl and Cruella (Dragon Girl is the brighter red of the two and my favourite.) both $24 (in case anyone else has the same problem and wants to try them out)

If there is one thing that I would change it would be to add a little more extra plumping to my lips to really accentuate the red color of the lipstick. This could be acheived by using a plumping lip gloss from companies like City Beauty, although I think I will definitely look through some City Lips reviews before I make my purchase!

Dragon girl is pictured here.
It suits me, no?

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  1. Sting

    Lipstick for $24? I don’t use make up and i don’t think i’ve ever bought lipstick. Now, lip gloss is my bestfriend.

    As for the red lipstick on u, i’m not so sure. Maybe it’s the blush on ur cheeks that’s throwing me off. Then again, i’m not into make up so don’t listen to me.

  2. MissLove

    it suits u live!!! but im light skinned oops did i just give myself away…anyway i am n i am a bit skeptical about putting on anything…i have to be very sure…cos seriously some peeps look like goats

  3. mellowyel

    it looks gorgeous, love!!! i can totally see you doing a glamour girl look with black liquid eyeliner. loverly. now I need to save up so that i can get that NARS blush… i need a job. lolz.

  4. Anonymous

    wow…what are you eating? u’re getting so chubby. Yikes…
    I compare pictures of u from July 11 last year & this photo & damn…u’ve gotten big.

  5. t04051

    What is wrong with these idiots commenting on everything but the lipstick??? I absolutely LOVE it on you! NOT everyone can pull off red lipstick even if they search high and low for their shade 😛

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