Some Lies and Some Truths

I was tagged by my best friend Lolia which means I have no choice.

Some of the following statements are true. Some of the following statements are not so true.

Your job is to tell me which are true and which are false.

Let’s begin:

I write in and have filled up at least five Paperblanks journals in addition to my blog.

Before last Christmas, I had never seen snow.

The name of my ex is Namu.

I have a little brother called Allamin; he’s a pest but I love him.

I have a cat called Allamin; he’s a pest but I love him.

I have a dog called Allamin; he’s a pest but I love him.

Bakura was my first.

I have five best friends, four of which are female.

I like threesomes both ways.

I am turning twenty in March.

Last week I went to the mall to buy a painting and ended up with these boots. ( I still got my painting though):

I tag Multi, Solomonsydelle, Nosa, Moody Crab, Sting, Aulelia, Black Girl, The Explorer, Afrohomo, and Ty the Magnificent.

I think Smaragd and Abuja Maiden have already done it, but if not, then I tag you too. 😀

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    hey, hey, hey…aren’t there only supposed to be 3 questions to pick one truth from? For that reason, I know the notebooks question is true. Mehn….

    And can I just say I was distracted by those cute boots. They would definitely stand out. They look good.

    What shoe size do you wear so I can borrow them, lol!

    Nice new template.

  2. The Explorer

    WTH! I said I was a fan babe, not that I was obsessed now… na wa O!

    But since guessing is allowed:
    Paperbacks – mos def’nitli true
    Snow – false
    Namu – false
    Allamin – i’m betting on the dog here, or maybe the cat
    Bakura the 1st – Yup! Hence the drama (not meaning to sound callous here)
    Best friends – false
    threesomes – false
    20 in march – true (hard to believe sha)

    do i win a prize? send me the boots for my wife.

  3. flabby

    its true that Bakura was ur first-ur ex isnt called Namu-u probably have three diaries in addition..u dont like threesomes and um u bought the shoes! how did i do?

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