Elendu, and Why Yar ‘Adua is a Fraud

Apparently freedom of speech isn’t that free. Yar’Adua has shown once again that he and his administration can’t take criticism like adults. When last I checked, if I was born in Nigeria, or if I am of Nigerian descent, then it is my INALIENABLE right to voice my opinions on the way MY country is being run, on the leaders that I elect into office, and on the practices and policies that affect MY country, and the individuals positioned to enact them.

Yardy and co obviously have no regard whatsoever for our freedoms as Nigerians since they deem it necessary to tightly control everything around them, even the truth that all Nigerians have a right to know. Otherwise why would Yardy have Channels shut down for reporting that he might step down? Are television stations not susceptible to human error anymore? Should they not have the opportunity to correct that error themselves? Now they’ve started again and arrested Jonathan Elendu. For what? Reporting the TRUTH???

Suddenly those in government are ashamed of the billions they’ve robbed Nigeria of over the years and feel the need to hide the facts by ILLEGALLY detaining lawful Nigerian citizens? Where is the constitution in all of this? Where are our RIGHTS as NIGERIANS???? How dare Yardy, president or no, impinge upon the rights of an innocent citizen of Nigeria simply because HE happened to be ILLEGALLY PLACED in the position of President? And nobody should believe the crap that Yardy spouts about being corruption-free and all that nonsense. Yes, he might seem to be more on the straight and narrow than the blatantly questionable Obasanjo, but what he lacks in money-stealing ability, he makes up for in complacency. Where Obasanjo is guilty for his actions during his THREE tenures as President (and yes Obasanjo, you were trying to run for a FOURTH term. Don’t think we conveniently missed your stint as Head of State back when you were in the military)Yar’Adua’s crimes lie in inaction.

Yar’Adua simply ALLOWS all these random government bodies to run amock. On what grounds has the SSS detained Elendu? And shouldn’t he, as a Nigerian, should these accusations have any merit be entitled to fair trial with a jury of his peers? Is it really the business of the SSS to illegally arrest, detain, and investigate “rogue jounalists”?? Have they NOTHING better to do? Yardy is going to claim he had no idea this was going on. You watch and see. Just as he never has any idea of the danger that these rogue agencies are to the Nigerian people. Because they are a danger. They somehow manage to escape regulation, or even if they are, they have no regard for established procedures. EVERY Nigerian citizen is entitled to a FAIR trial, not to be hauled off without a word like a terrorist.

Yardy does not fool me with his claims of innocence. We did not elect a President to sit around and point out how innocent he is. We didn’t even elect him period. Just by being President YarAdua is guilty of being complicit with the PDP and its illegal electoral practices. He has some nerve shutting down Channels Television, he has some nerve kidnapping Elendu, and he has some major nerve allowing Elendu to be accused of anything. Because that’s what it’s called when you’re arrested and not allowed access to your lawyer or your family. K-I-D-N-A-P.

Money laundering?? Oh so now the SSS want to go after those committing financial crimes huh? Hey, here’s an idea for you:

Why don’t you start with the bloody Vice President????

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    I’m going to go with Beauty on this one. This situation is growing very rapidly and it is key for all sides to simply do the right thing for the betterment of not just Elendu and his immediate family, but for his larger family. A family to which we all belong – the Nigerian family.

    We cannot continue to treat each other this way. Patience, humility and respect for one another is going to be key to making the Nigerian people flourish.

    Thanks for doing this.

  2. Just...Toluwa

    this makes me wonder…Nigeria might never move forward. If the prseident rules the country like this, why wouldnt Nigerians leave the country.

    Why is it so hard to handle the truth and correct it if need be? I fear and pray for the future of nigeria and nigerians!

  3. Avartsy

    It really is sad that he was detained and not allowed to see his family….and they want to say he was just picked up for questioning…yeah OK, so when’s the questioning’s all done, can he go? Of course not, talk about being hypocritical mongers! What happened to freedom of speech, how sad is it too that they’re monitoring him while he blogs from another country…desperation about not letting the truth be known..hmmm?
    Being that it has been so publicized, let’s hope Yardie and his peeps won’t want the wrath of human rights watch dogs on their behinds and let the man be!

  4. sugabelly

    @everyone: the corruption of Nigeria is not so much that people steal money. EVERYONE in EVERY COUNTRY has stolen at least one or two dollars somewhere, but that they hunt down the innocent and the irrelevant while blatantly ignoring the guilty and the necessary. Case in point: bloody Senator Ekaette.

    Elendu is not the government’s problem. The country had loads of problems long before Elendu in the form of people like Babangida, Obasanjo, Yardy himself and the whole bloody PDP. Don’t even let me start on that joker Fatima Waziri.

  5. flabby

    lol..that was the part where i was supposed to post a lng comment wasnt it?

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    3. its also the give everything or nothing thing. im only ever 2 extremes. theres neva a middle ground.

    4. its the creativity thing- i draw as well, and im writing a book..im not starting a company selling personalised clothes soon tho..

    5. im sure there a lot of ways we are NOT alike..i just choose to highlight some of the ways we are

    6. i love ur blog

    7. i think ur beautiful..oh yeh..the weight issue thing- thats y i call myself flabby, evn tho i weigh 60somethng kilos

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    9. this list is by no means exhaustive



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    Elendu is a Nigerian Blogger that was detained. He is now under medical care but is not free to return to his family in America. Hence the protest.

    Take care!

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