I know I’ve been away

But work was taking over my life, plus it is the sad, sad truth that I spend far more than I earn, so I’ve sort of been running from the banks. Plus I’ve been hiding.

Hiding is what I do when I’m hurt, or I don’t want to deal with what is hurting me.

Some more news from the grapevine. Curse the bloody grapevine.

Bakura’s new girlfriend is my cousin’s friend.

Another Igbo girl. Does it make me mean for wishing the same fate on her?

Let’s see what the Hausa Prince does with his new Igbo whore now shall we?

I sound bitter.

I am.

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  1. Sting

    Sugabelly, i can’t wait for the day u will no longer give a fuck about Bakura. Trust me, that day is coming! Until then, just be strong and always remember, this too shall pass. Say it with me, this too shall pass! Fuck Bakura and his Ibo chic. Nothing do u!

  2. awoof

    Hey there,
    Thanks for dropping some love by my page! I know running a business is HARD! – I started a couple of years ago in my 2nd year at Uni and trust me… ALL my pocket money went on the business… I think I spend more than I earn as well but trust me babes, it’s only a phase. We test the system using money and once we can prove that this can be profitable, then we can look at the whole structure to find the culprits that are chopping the money. For me, my prices need to be adjusted, and my overheads need to be adjusted as well therefore I’ve changed my shipping agents. My business is at awoof.biz btw. I wish you all the best, and feel free to drop by for som advice etc if you need some.

    P.S You do sound a little bitter for a Sugabelly in your post but hey, we are all entitled to feeling sour sometime in our lives. I just worry that you don’t have anything against Igbos as there are good ones as well as bad ones amongst them

    All the best, darling!

  3. Na wa o.

    awoof, sugabelly herself is Igbo. 🙂 Trust any congregation of Nigerians to start a tribal argument. We have no hope as one nation sha.

  4. Today's ranting

    Hmmmm babes I know it hurts and its gonna take time for you to detatch yoursef emotionally from him. I cant wait for the day you gonna put up a post saying you are over him now and strong enough to move on. You are a beautiful babe – an embodiment of afrivan beauty and intelligence. You deserve more than Bakura. Ow u dey?

  5. Jarrai

    Honey….it will take time to get him out of your head and heart but you need to clear him out to move on. Girl you are fierce and beautiful so just hold your head up and take one day at a time……trust me, it will get better.

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