At the beginning of our relationship, Bakura and I worked in the same company. Now I know you should never have an affair with a co-worker, but I adored him, and he was the sweetest, most charming, most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on, and we couldn’t resist each other. Anyway, we were hiding our affair from everyone because I was so much younger than him and we knew other people wouldn’t approve or understand, so there was a lot of sneaking around at work and secret glances at each other and shy smiles. I would come into Bakura’s office every chance I got, and he would sneak in to see me. Now once, I really needed to use the toilet [ snicker all you want], and the nearest one was in Bakura’s office, and it turned out that day that everyone in Bakura’s office, including Bakura himself, was gone to lunch, so I snuck into the toilet and locked the door and settled down to enjoy myself. I’d only been there half an hour or so when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and Bakura’s voice. To say I was mortified was the understatement of the century, so I tried to flush the toilet and to my utter dismay, discovered that the water had stopped running, and so the toilet wouldn’t flush. When a toilet doesn’t flush properly, it might mean that there’s a problem with the drain and sewerage system. Maybe his toilet would need a new sewer pipe installing by a pipe bursting method (learn more here!). Problems with the sewerage line are normally quite important, however, they usually require a professional company to fix. Bakura was coming up the stairs, and I was terrified that he would find me there and discover that I actually had bodily functions so, in my panic, I grabbed the key and locked the door and ran away. For a week I tried to sneak in with water to flush the toilet but Bakura was always there, so I just kept the secret of the key to myself and blushed furiously when people in the office wondered about the locked toilet. On Sunday night I vowed I would wake up early on Monday and rush to work so I could flush the toilet, but I overslept [thanks Ibrahim, because that was your fault for making me stay up to watch Megas XLR with you] and by the time I got to work, Bakura was already there. To my even greater horror, I walked into Bakura’s office and found everyone staring at the toilet door. I followed their gaze and saw what they were all staring at. There was water seeping from under the door. As it was, the taps had started running over the weekend, and one of the sinks had overflowed and was now pouring out under the door into Bakura’s office. The carpet was getting soaked and ruined, and Burlois decided the water needed to be stopped in order to save the carpet, so he broke the door down and went in to turn off the water. I have never been so embarrassed in my entire life. Needless to say, I never gave back the key or told anyone that it was I who locked the door, or they would have known it was me. I never have, and never will.

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  1. mizchif

    1st off, i jealous you for having THOSE SHOES!!
    that said, u made d rite descision not to confess this confession to anybody @ d office.
    @ least now, u’ll be sure to always check for running water b4 u do the dodoo!

  2. Minky

    LOL!! Kia I would have been more than embarrassed!

    Thanks for passing through 🙂 I think I have been here before, not so sure I left a comment though. If I didnt..I’m loving your blog!

    The t-shirts…do u deliver to the uk? If you do could you give me a rough idea in pounds how much the delivery cost is? Thx.

  3. Barcelagos

    @mischief: Right you are.

    @Sting: Now you all know

    @Charizard: Don’t you dare laugh


    @Minky: Yes we deliver in the UK. If you buy from the US store though you might have to pay import taxes when it arrives 🙁 [bloody EU!!] The UK store is up and running, even though it is by no means ready for ‘public consumption’. People can still purchase t-shirts off the UK site, but I’m trying to get both sites to a certain aesthetic level.

    Oh well, we grow as we go!

    oh yes.

    P.S. Everyone: This is Sugabelly posting as Barcelagos

  4. tiwalade

    hahahahahahahaha…my belly hurts!
    “four day old shit”
    That is one crazy ass situation and big Embarassment…Ndo. Make sure you hide the key or better still throw it away, so they would not find it on you by mistake.

  5. archiwiz

    LOL LOL LOL…ROTFL…Ohhh my goodness…Pele ohh…Thanks for a great laugh… Abeg forget that you ever did that…just completely erase it from your mind so that you don’t get tempted to tell Bakura later in the future.

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