The semester has come to an end, and I finished my finals yesterday, but the drama in my life is a neverending story.

I hate packing. Right now it feels like the more I pack there more there is to pack. I’ve filled up three suitcases and my room is still full of stuff despite the fact that I’m donating most of my clothes to charity. I do not know what to do. Plus, my art professor left me a message saying I have to turn in 9 more drawings. NINE! Tomorrow morning is going to be long and full of charcoal. I have about a million things to rant about, but it’s too hot in my room and I’m saving that for another post. I promise to put up pictures on my other posts. I know I’ve been doing a lot of posting without pictures, and honestly that just isn’t how I roll. Expect picture updates people! Will link to them as appropriate of course.

Typing naked isn’t exactly an easy feat. The bottom of the laptop is threatening to burn off the top of my thighs. Goodness I am so tired. I promise a proper post tomorrow and not the gibberish I just poured out.

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  1. sugabelly

    @charizard: Will do most definitely.

    @Today’s Ranting: I piled into bed and wriggled out of my clothes. Then I felt too lazy to find my nightshirt.

    @Memphiz: Abiiiiiii??? I HATE packing. My whole room is SUCH a huge mess, it’s unbelievable. 🙁

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