A Chat with Bakura

I’ll just post the transcript. All names have been changed:

Bakura to me

11:10 AM me: Also, I think you’re largely insensitive
and I’m not being rude
it’s just the closest word I can find
11:14 AM I’m sorry, but I just don’t think you care
or you’re lying about something
and I can’t imagine why
Bakura: whatever u say
me: please don’t say that
11:15 AM you just go ‘yeah, uh-huh, whatever you say’ as if I’m talking trash
It’s like you don’t take me seriously enough or respect me enough to think that I deserve a useful answer
11:18 AM Bakura: listen i dont take u 2 seriously
most o what u say iz a lie
me: why do you think that???
how am i lying to you?
I don’t even lie to you
11:19 AM Bakura u say dis n dat den u tellin some1 his dic iz like a monolith
me: oh God.. so that’s what it’s about
I was just flirting with him
nothing more
Bakura: what da fuck r u talkin bout
11:20 AM me: I flirt with him all the time, it doesn’t mean I want anything to do with him
Bakura: do u think i give a rats ass
me: it was Namu I told
and yes, I think you care
if what you said to me is true
then you should care
Bakura: it wasnt even Namu u were chattin wif
me: or you’re lying as well
Bakura: it was Burlios
see how stupid u r]
me: well i was under the impression that it wasNamu
11:21 AM and don’t call me stupid
and if it was Burlios then that’s his problem,
I flirt with Namu as a matter of custom
I won’t anymore since it upsets you
11:22 AM Bakura: listen… dream all u want…
me: dream about what?
11:23 AM dream that you care about me? dream that you like me?
you said those things
or wait, was i chatting with yet another of your friends?
11:24 AM Bakura: maybe u were suckin yet another cock
me: maybe you’re screwing yet another girl
and no, I’m not with anyone else
11:25 AM no, I haven’t been near a guy since you
but what about you?
I can’t even trust what you say
“…not my style but I haven’t had sex in a while…”
Bakura: i fuck all the time
me: yeah right\
you know I knew
Bakura: what gave u da impression i dont
me: inside I knew
11:26 AM and I just convinced myself to believe what wasn’t true
Bakura: good 4 u
me: why are you doing this?
I don’t care about your friends
11:27 AM what happened happened
it was a mistake
a horrible one, but not something I’m proud of
Bakura: u lie a lot
me: I don’t
you lie
Bakura: u fuck around all da time
me: you told me you weren’t sleeping with anyone else
and you are
Bakura: u r a freak
me: who’s the liar now?
Bakura: dont pretend u r not
11:28 AM me: it doesn’t matter what I’m like when I’m with you
Bakura: u r insultin my intelligence
Bakura: ok
me: it doesn’t matter how much I seem to like it
you’re not here
and so I’m waiting
11:29 AM but you,
you lied
you touched other girls, had sex with other girls
11:30 AM and you think i’m the one that can’t be trusted
you’re convinced that i just have to be having sex with someone else aren’t you?
I’m not. But you are.
11:31 AM I hate picturing you touching someone else
11:32 AM you said you cared about me
guess you lied about that too
11:33 AM Bakura: u r fuckin
i am fuckin
me: i am not
Bakura: end o story
me: i am not
but you are
and it is hurting me
Bakura: ur problem
me: Bakura do you even like me?
seriously, do you even want me?
11:34 AM you’re fucking some other girl
and you’re messing with my head
and telling me I’m the one being unfaithful to you
you don’t know how bad I feel right now
honestly.. why??
11:35 AM will it kill you not to have sex for a few months?
11:36 AM Bakura: hmmmmm
me: i call you all the time because i LIKE you
not because I have nothing to do
because I want to talk to you
and you said you felt the same way
and now you’re telling me you’ve been screwing someone else all this time
11:37 AM Bakura: awwwwww…
me: I didn’t let anyone else touch me because I didn’t want to be with anyone else.
Bakura: so shhwwwweeeeet u r
11:38 AM me: don’t mock me
do not mock me
Bakura: den dont lie 2 me
me: you’re cruel
honestly you are
Bakura: n u lie
50 50
me: i do not lie
i don’t
Bakura: dats a lie
me: can you PROVE that i lied to you?
can you?
11:39 AM Bakura: not dat dis isnt fun but gotta go
av stuff 2 deliver
me: yes, everyone lies, but i hardly ever do
and hardly ever to you
but you lie to me all the time
Bakura: will be bac in an hour
11:40 AM l8r babe
me: i don’t know what to say to you
I’m not your ‘babe’

He’s been screwing someone else all along.. but somehow I’m the liar.

A long time ago he said he loved me. I said I loved him too.
Roses are red, Violets are blue, guess which of us was telling the truth

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  1. Moody Crab

    Why do I feel the urge to crack this Bakura person’s skull?!?! What an A-hole.

    Listen lovely, Ignore him…he is not worth it. It will hurt ALOT but you need to move on. He is not worth all the pain he is causing you…he can shove his love/attention/sex where the sun does not shine!

    BTW….Happy belated birthday!! Hope you had tons and tons of fun?

  2. ynoT!

    Ms Suga B,

    I’d say move on.
    If you ain’t happy being with a dude, then you’ve got no business being with the dude.

    By the way, I read your comments on the article “Is Foreplay un-African” posted at nigeriansinamerica.com. You’re something else girl. Hmmn…hmmn…hm!

  3. Sting

    Damn! He was really mean to u and i can understand how u feel cos i’ve been there. I hope u find the strength to do what’s right for u. I know it’s going to be really difficult, but these things work themselves out. Try not to keep opening urself up for these ill treatments.

  4. michelle

    Im shocked that you spent so long with this man. I have been reading your blog from the beginning because i find your words profund and to read his words… He sounds like an uneducated fool. It was like reading a conversation between shakespear and tonto dike (have you seen her tweets? smh)
    Babe I understand the reason you were with him, but lets just say thank God its over!!! Please stop letting the jabs of an ignorant fool who tried to kill your spirit continue to wound you, It just means you are letting him win without even trying!

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