Yay!! It’s the New Year!! Now I can sleep!

I’m having a sale!!! Consider it my present to the bloggers that inspire me.

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    Happy new year to u girl.May God grant u happiness and fulfilment in this new year.keep up the good work on ur blog.The sky is ya limit.Lots of love.

  2. sugabelly

    Oya, time to reply

    Happy New Year to you guys even though it’s a week in already.

    @CYNTHIA: Thanks for appreciating my blog. Would love to see you around more this year.

    @littlemissme: My crazy Blogger friend. What are your new year resolutions? Here’s one. Resist… no matter how undeniably, heart-thumpingly, gorgeous the guy is. ;D

    @ugo: I showed my friend your post about the Staring Cypriots and she laughed so hard that she peed. It’s gross I know, but then we had an even better laugh about it.

    TO EVERYONE: I am having a SALE. One week of it is already gone. Don’t come and cry to me that you saw a shirt that you liked but can’t/won’t afford it. Here’s your chance to get 20.08% off in honour of 2008. I LOVE to say ‘I told you so’ so don’t make me.

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