Yearly Archives: 2007

Weasley is our King

I don’t think life’s really worth living anymore. I am so miserable here. But still, I trudge on. Everyday, I drag myself out of..

Kal will love this

I came across this on Vox. I actually stole it from Rosina Ruby Lips, but being Nigerian, I just couldn’t resist the call of..

Heroes – The Kindness of Strangers

Is it just me, or did last night’s episode of Heroes (chapter 4 – Volume 2) contain nothing of import whatsoever? So we left..

Baby Voodoo

I’m looking towards new projects now, a new direction in my life. This is college, not secondary school. The proverbial land of opportunity. I’ve..

Hopefully, I’m King

Small detour to Nigeria. I had to take the kids back to Nigeria because they’re going to school and all that stuff, and I..

M is for Molester

…He tried to rape me…You tried to fuck a girl. …Same difference. Really? Baby, my love. I was so ashamed. Ashamed for me, and..