True Tall Tales about my ex lover (aka The King of Pain)

A pure expression of love that surprised me – Blue Skies

A Night that ended in Rape.. Almost – Elwe Singollo

My Bakura – The King of Pain

Turning 18 – Birth of the Lonely Lady

Fear of sickness – H.I.V.

On getting back together – Tell Me Something He Won’t Tell the Others

The irony of my middle initial – M is for Molester

On the curious situation with my cousin – Me and the Bean Stalk

And the result – Squeeze Love

When Love begins to really hurt – Sangri La

Back from the doctor – The Result

Hitting rock bottom hurts – Don’t You Like my Pretty Eyes Better Blackened?

P.S. I apologise about the video. It’s horrid I know. I still have chills.

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