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After I saw this picture of Ini Edo in MADE magazine on Bella Naija, I just had to say something. (Note, I was the first person to comment and express my distaste for the picture)

Ahem…. Ini Edo… is just not sexy. She needs to accept it and work around it. I noticed that someone commented that she’s thick and she can’t be Genevieve… note, this has nothing to do with Genevieve. It doesn’t matter what your body size is.. if you’re sexy, you’re sexy. I’m thick, and I’m sexy.. 😀 (well at least, a lot of people said so when I put a certain picture on Facebook).

Monique is sexy, and Lord knows she’s beyond thick.. she’s fat as hell. And I don’t even want to talk about the negligee she’s wearing and the bed.. What the fuck are those???? How tacky can you effing get? I feel sorry for Ini because Genevieve started out not-so-classy, and evolved into this cultured woman, and Ini…just went..plop. Perhaps a white background and a black, diamante-studded, mini dress with a satin waist clincher band , and SOME GLAMOUROUS HAIR might have done the trick. Or maybe, I’m just dreaming. I’ll have to take a break and visit somewhere like hdtubemovies to get a viewing pleasure as sexy as that.

I think the pose here is a very classic pose, but difficult if you don’t have the body for it. She should have tried a pose where she was standing and whatever curves she possesses would have been on display without looking vulgar and like she’s trying to hard. Perhaps she should have tried this pose I struck when I went shopping with my best girlfriend Angie. (It got rave reviews)

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  1. KimPossible

    She is a cute girl. But, I am not sure the sexy thing is working for her. Someone should let her know. Is that her stylist and photographer’s fault? Or do ALL of her pics turn out like this? Hmm…

  2. Ugo Daniels

    Is that you on the second pic? I’ll be fcuking damned. I never knew you had it this gooooood!!!
    Jst shown some love. Cheers!
    I never was a fan of Genevieve Nnaji and never will. P.E.R.I.O.D

  3. Anonymous

    u really look gorgeous! Ur curves are really sexy i’m feeling u gurl. INI is really cool I’m her greatest fan. CYNTHIA. lol!

  4. Feral Female

    Oh come on!!

    But really, sexy is in the eye of the beholder, she is definitely not unattractive, try and tell me that any woman in that same pose, would not look slightly try-hard. It’s boring (non-sexy bed-linen) and her hair is pulled back into a tight bun, she’s looking at us at an unflattering angle, most models would show a little cleavage, or bend to curve the bum, the props and styling don’t help her.

    I think it’s mainly her styling that’s at fault here, I don’t believe anyone can look commercially beautiful, but I do believe that anyone can look commercially sexy.

    -urgh, a clumpy heels!!

  5. HoneyDame

    WHAT?!!!!!Is this the you you call fat?!!!LAWDAMERCY!!! I was actually preparing to see a real bad picture, girl, unless ur were wearing a bodyshapesuit in that picture…sorry, not qualified to regard urself as fat…fat ogini?…bodylicious, def.. buh fat is for flabby,…. n dat ain no flabby thang going on with u….

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