My New Year’s Resolutions

It’s four minutes to the new year, and what is more befitting for the last post of the year than my New Year Resolutions.

In 2008, I resolve to:

1. Thank God each day for all my blessings
2. Pray my Rosary every day
3. Be Happy
4. Read as many books as I can
5. Be kind, and gracious to everyone around me
6. Find something to laugh about each day
7. Observe all my religious festivals
8. Make two new great friends
9. Sew and Draw to my heart’s content
10. Lead a healthy lifestyle
11. Earn my first $1000
12. Regain and keep in touch with all my friends
13. Lose 90lbs
14. Get a 4.0
15. Write letters just because it’s fun
16. Grow my hair six inches
17. Write in my journal every day
18. Get confirmed
19. Just live!

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