Ho Ho Ho..Oh Fuck it

I’m at my aunt’s house. I guess I’m supposed to be happy that the holiday is here, but I haven’t been here twenty-four hours, and I’ve been yelled at three times, and now we just finished raking leaves in the freezing cold with the wind blowing all our piles away so it took twice as long. I’m not even going to go into a long rant about who did what, and who said this, and who’s right and who’s wrong. I’m just very tired. The flight was beyond rough. I actually cried, and I can’t remember how many times I prayed my rosary. I’ve never had a complete rosary go by so quickly. I almost kissed the ground when we landed. The pilot said it was bad weather. Bad weather my ass. The plane was being buffeted left, right, and center. It would climb and drop, and suddenly careen off to the side. I am just so happy to be alive. I begged Jesus Christ, the angels, Mary, every saint known to man, and any other spirit that might be listening to plead with God to change the weather and allow the plane to land safely. Thankfully, He did, and I am so grateful. I used to love flying, and I still love travelling, but I cannot stand flying anymore. I mean, I adore airports, and being in America on Monday, Nigeria on Wednesday, and France by Saturday. I adore that kind of thing, and I hardly ever get jet lag, but ever since December 10, flying terrifies me. I cannot relax inside a plane until I say a full rosary and a slew of prayers, and even then, I still feel every bump.

  • It’s funny because it feels like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can’t look forward to the holidays because I’ve got a crosspatch breathing down my neck, and I can’t look forward to school because: Well, DUH!!! Actually, perhaps school is better. It’s definitely warmer, and maybe if my plan works out, I’ll finally have some intelligent friends. Every second thing my aunt says is “Stop talking about what you know nothing about.” Lmao! So far, I know nothing about inflatable airbeds, lawns littered with leaves, and pure maple syrup.
    Let’s forget the fact that I’m a member of the generation that knows 90% more about everything than all the previous generations. Let’s just assume I’m not eighteen years old. On the bright side, Commi will be spending Christmas with me. And I’m about to call up Phella, so maybe we can hang out, and it will be bearable after all.
  • Juvoodoo Tees is having a Harmattan Sale, and everything is $20 and under. I’m so excited about it because I absolutely love all the t-shirts, and I love shopping and sales. A lot of my friends are jumping out of their seats because they’ve been begging me to do a sale since, and now I’ve finally agreed. Lol! Another main reason I’m excited is because I’ve dabbled into men’s t-shirts, and my efforts have been receiving quite a bit of positive feedback. I love to see cute guys look fly, because Lord knows I’ve seen enough beautiful men whose beauty was marred by some fugly thing they were wearing. In honour of the men in our lives, I’ve created this Argyle t-shirt which will look haute and hot on any self-respecting fine man.

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    1. little miss me

      i looooove the argyle on the corner of the t shirt,just gives the shirt a certain preppy but laid back kinda look the way its splattered in the corner..really nice, i would def do a double take if a guy walked by wearing that.

    2. sugabelly

      @little miss me: I love it too!!!! I’m thinking of snagging one for myself, forcing a hot guy to wear it, and then using it as a sleep shirt when it smells of him so I can snuggle in it all night. ;P

    3. Anonymous

      Thank God u landed safely.ow r ye doing?.Nice t-shirt again.Meeeen u really talented o.Were u taught ow to do designs or is it just something that comes from within?lol!CYNTHIA.

    4. sugabelly

      @anu boy: Gracias!!! Come again!

      @CYNTHIA: Men, I CRIED when we landed. I am serious. Thank God again, and again. Thanks about the shirt. I’ve drawn all my life, but right now I’m taking an art class so it’s really helping. But I need to take a graphic design class soon though!

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