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Ugo commented on my blog (Thanks Ugo!!! I sort of just joined blogville as far as Blogger is concerned, and the response hasn’t been very encouraging, so I’m a bit bummed, and very pleased that you took time to stop by) and asked in his post scriptum if I’m a graphic designer. Now I already replied his comment in the comment form, but in response to his post scriptum, I thought it was more deserving of a full blown blog post.

Yes, I am an artist….of sorts. I was born with great artistic ability, and a considerable amount of talent. Unfortunately, being Nigerian, and Igbo again, when I was in secondary school, my mom thwarted my plans of becoming a fashion designer, and living out my love for art by coming all the way to my exclusive boarding school in the middle of nowhere and demanding that I drop Fine Art in favour of Chemistry. (Probably one of the most heart wrenching decisions of my life). I went through with the dastardly subject and even managed to pull a C in WAEC.[C for Chemistry.. ha!! Thank God I didn’t get a P for Physics…] No, got a C in that too. But just before you make up your minds and write me off as an olodo, I’ll have you know that I am extremely intelligent, and the Cs ended there. It was As all through apart from those 2 subjects thank you very much, and besides, I got 315 in JAMB, so take that and put it where you will.:)

Ou etais je? Ugo, yes. So, fast forward four years, and I’m a freshman in college, straining to do as I please. Gracias a Dios that my mom reads my Vox blog, and not this one. I’ve always dreamed of creating beautiful clothes that people can rush into a store and buy on a whim. Affordable, high-end style luxury.. okay I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here, but you get my general drift… So I’ve started designing t-shirts! I know it’s sort of a long shot from runways in Milan, and flashing light bulbs and haute couture, but I love it, and I think I design beautiful t-shirts.

I don’t know what you guys think, but if you click the green and white ringer t-shirt in the sidebar, it’ll pop up the online store where I sell my t-shirts [under the name Juvoodoo Tees], and you can look at those fabulous lil’ chemises all you want. They are freaking gorgeous aren’t they??

I know, I know…. I try. You push too hard darlings, but I accept. 😉

So, in summary. I’m not an all out professional graphic designer Ugo, but I am a designer, and I will design graphics if they serve my purposes (like for my Juvoodoo Tees for example). I love fashion, and I hope the world appreciates what I’m trying to introduce it to and shows me some love!

~Sugabelly Speaks~

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