Musings on a ‘Broad’ Perspective

My social life is dead. I’ve finally decided that I need to get out of this place.

Yesterday two of my roommates friends came into the room and directed racist remarks towards me, and I think that was the last straw. I am so sad that since I came to America I have been forced to think unpleasant things about the colour of people’s skin, and the way they talk when it would never have crossed my mind at home. I’ve thought the words “black”, “African”, “white”, “racist” more in the past week than I have in my entire life before.

It’s so confusing because sometimes nice things happen, like studying with Lauren, Nneka and Nicolas last night, and it makes me want to stay, and then bullshit like my roommate and her crass friends crops up, and I tell myself I have to get away before I become truly suicidal. I found out that Yimi could have been here with me. That at least, would have been a relief, we could room together. But she ended up going to Chicago, and left me here to stew. I’m really praying that everything I’m planning works out great because I just want a clean break from this. This isn’t life, it’s madness.

Can you imagine my roommate telling me she has a life and I don’t because she goes out every night? Is that a life. She’s 19 and she’s acting like someone that just got out of high school into ‘The Big People’s World’ for the very first time. Oh wait, she is. Even though I’m eighteen, I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, an drawn the pattern. I’ve done the whole party scene thing, rocked it while it lasted. Done the whole ‘let’s go out for drinks after work’ ish too. Basically, I’m tired of it, and you can’t blame me. Poor girl is still a bit starstruck by it all.

What can I say to her?

I know……


I laugh Kpehe-Kpehe.

I have only one thing to say. Telling me that there’s a rumour out about me doing a guy whose head doesn’t even clear my waist is not cute. Especially when it’s from someone who is bent on breaking the school record of ‘Most Dudes Done by a Freshman’.

Bit rich coming from you darling, you better bite your tongue.

P.S. Don’t my tatas look mighty large?

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