I’m so over my breakdown…

I’m so over my breakdown. Yes, it’s hard being the only Nigerian in this goddamn school. Yes, a feel like bitch slapping a lot of people here, but I will overcome. Stanley’s in Florida!!!! And I get to see him and Ebigo and have some fun for once!! I’m so happy. Finally, some Nigerians.

Spent most of the day lazing about. But I decided to keep to my commitment to visit the gym (My second visit there since I matriculated as as freshman in college), and to my greatest surprise, it was actually fun. Hallelujah, endorphin highs actually are real!! So my verdict is, yes, I will do it tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

As much as I dislike Beyonce, I have to concede that we have precisely the same body type, and so I have grudgingly accepted to adopt her as my “body-model” (My role model for my body) for my Sugabelly Rocks makeover. Oh, you don’t know what that is? Sorry I forgot to mention it. As from today, I’m giving my life a makeover, and I’ve christened it Sugabelly Rocks. Because I’m fabulous. That’s why. So here goes, I am going to write it here so I don’t forget. Everyday, I run 10 minutes on the treadmill at a pace of 25 (whatever that means), then I lift the dumbells, and the weights, and then I do the other weight machine thingy, and the sweet part is that it takes all of 25 minutes, no more.
That’s great for me because it totally does away with the excuse that I just can’t cut it between classes, because unfortunately, now I can.

Also part of my makeover effort? I’m going to be drinking my juice mix for half a day every other day, with fruit for the other half of the day for the whole of next week. From there I’ll graduate to drinking my juice mix every other day for the whole of the week after that.
In the midst of all this fabulousity, two things are constantly gnawing at the back of my mind. When do I take my braids loose, and what will I do with them after I take them loose, and what shall I do if this new healthy lifestyle of mine ends up deflating my derrière?

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