Heroes: Truth and Consequences

I’m watching Heroes right now, and I’ve realised something:

* Maya is the GREATEST agbaya in the world.
* Peter Petrelli is the SECOND GREATEST agbaya in the world.
* I can’t believe Alejandro is dead. I wish Sylar had killed Maya. Preferably bashed her skull in.
* I can’t believe they killed Victoria before she got the chance to say anything sensible.
* The original heroes (the parents of all the heroes) don’t have any special powers. Just boring shit like telepathy.
* Adam Munroe pisses me off.
* Micah’s fat cousin is a monumental asswipe. I wish something would fall from the sky above and burst him.
* M-o-h-i-n-d-e-r!!!!! Is a fine ass asswipe. He’s such a gullible prick!

* Micah is a small boy so I don’t blame him for wanting to be a hero and believing in the whole fantasy, but his stupid older cousin should have at least waited until she’d finished watching EVERYTHING in the iPod before trying to burglarise the house of the neighbourhood thugs.

Gotta keep watching… More thoughts after the show

~Sugabelly Speaks~

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  1. sugabelly

    @Ugo: Heroes is great!! You really should get the box set. It’s utterly fantastic.Actually I have all the episodes of the first season, so I could send them to you if you want (consider it a prize for commenting on my blog 😉

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