Baby Voodoo

I’m looking towards new projects now, a new direction in my life. This is college, not secondary school. The proverbial land of opportunity. I’ve been down with malaria since Friday, but I’m a lot better now, so I feel it’s time for a new start. I’ve been watching The Fashionista Diaries online for a while, and it’s moved my mind back to fashion and sewing and all that stuff. I ordered a sewing machine off the internet a few weeks ago, and at first when I got it, I thought it didn’t work, or it was broken, so I was pretty bummed out because I’d already bought material, and patterns to practise with, and then for it to be spoilt just made me upset. But this evening I was just fiddling with it, and I pressed the knob a little too far, and it came ON!!!!

So I feel it’s a sign from God to start doing stuff again. So here goes. I’m going to drop my Statistics class because I’m not really doing that well in it, and I don’t want to fuck up my scholarship. So this week is the week of midterms, it’s also the week of my period. And I’m gonna be creative as I can be, in everything. My second paper is gonna be on Nigerian Facial Scarifications, and I am so excited, I cannot wait.

I’ve got to sew now.

– Sugabelly Speaks

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