The Result

I just got back from the doctor. He was appalled. He said if it continues, he will have to make it a police case.

Yes, I have malaria, but that is the tip of the iceberg.


I have internal injuries from Saturday.
He says the bite on the bridge of my nose will heal.
I need an ultra sound scan to make sure nothing is worse than it seems.
A swab test will tell us a few things.

It goes on like that.

But I need counselling he says. Therapy I call it. What really is the difference? It’s the same talk to the shrink like you’re a crazy person business.

..mmmhmmm…. *nods head* … victim of domestic violence…..*makes notes*…. not in a position to withold sex…. aggressor…. likely in position of power…*more notes*. ..

The point is.. I need a way to break away. Like the doctor said. One day, he will hold a knife to my throat and it will be too late.

One day, it will be too much at once, and one of us will break. It is most likely me. I can already feel my walls cracking.

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