Tell Me Something He Won’t Tell The Others

Get out!

Two itty-bitty words, what a punch they pack.

M is for Monster
M is for Molester

M is for Mustapha

A little over or under a month. That’s how long I haven’t seen you or heard your voice for. And what a reunion we had. You said you missed my stubbornness; what did I miss?

Maybe I missed you.

Maybe I think about you every day.

Maybe I love you.


And what I’d been trying so hard to tell you for so long, you finally asked me. “Do you love me?”

And I spoke the truth. “Yes.”

Yes, I love you.

Yes, I want you to stay.

Yes, I hope you love me too.

Yes,………… to all the things I wanted for us. For you. I want to make you happy, but I don’t know how anymore.

Last night I was full of hopes. I won’t lie. And I prayed you would be kind at least, if not loving. And I hoped to God that it would be just us alone and I would get to savor a few precious moments with you. But it wasn’t, and they were there. And maybe, for the record, this was your cruelest yet.

Congratulations King of Pain.

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  1. Ootchay

    Reading through your archives and realizing the true context of your writings…
    My heart breaks for the little girl that went through all this.
    I am so, very, very sorry for the unspeakable evil you went through.
    I am praying for you…

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