Squeeze love, until the bites don’t make a difference


Basketball flying through the air. Net ball. He scores! Does he?

When the sun shines we’ll shine together
I said that I’ll be here forever
You know I’ll always be your friend
So you know I’mma stick it out to the end
Now it’s raining more than ever
You can stand under my umbrella
You know you can share my umbrella

All of the above is true. I know. But everyday it becomes more obvious that you will never be my friend. I feel it’s because of something I did, but how can you hate me for something we did together? Something we wanted together? And now you turn tail. Fucking turncoat. Is it because she resists? She resists because she hates you. I resisted because I was afraid, but surrendered because I loved you.

You know I’ll always be your friend, but you scare me all the time now. And I can’t talk to you anymore. You never smile anymore. It’s just this cold, cold, nothing roiling off you that scares crap out of me. Like it will eat me up and draw me into its nothingness.

Ese lunar que tienes
Cielito lindo
hace correr mi corazon

He says, your friend that I should just leave it. Perhaps it’s true. But it’s so painful. Yo no se. the pet names stopped. Everything stopped. Now it’s all about her. call it what you like. You fucking betrayed me. The both of you.

I must hate you. Or it will kill me. And I want to survive this. I hate you. Fucking whore. The both of you. Whores, all of you. Please save me.


Elwe Singollo, King of Pain
His Queen of Bruises, me

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