Sangri La

There was blood everywhere, but I was not surprised. I just hoped it wouldn’t last as long as I expected. It didn’t. And I was relieved. But I hurt inside. He did this to me. But I let him. I let him because I wanted him to be there, no matter what. And he was. And he hurt me as much as he possibly could for it.
I’m sorry I’m not what you want. That’s why you hate me so isn’t it? Because I am not her. And I am here, when she can never be. I understand.

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  1. The Truth Hurts


    Cry me a bloody river. I honestly think you read far too many silly, romantic novels in your time.

    Girl falls in love with boy.

    Boy is in love with Other-Girl-From-Past.

    Other-Girl-From-Past does not love boy.

    Boy and Other Girl From Past’s love is a racial taboo.

    Girl is dished with unrequited love because boy is still in love with Other-Girl-From-Past.

    Girl, a “Negress” can never compare with Other-Girl-From-Past.

    Other-Girl-From-Past is an “Arabian Princess” with pale skin and long flowing dark hair.

    Girl is sad but stays with Boy hoping that one day their love can be. Alas, Boy discards girl once he is done with Girl.

    *Sigh* See how tired this story is?

    On the bright side, you finally got a comment on this post – aren’t you just thrilled??

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