Me and the Beanstalk

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small.

How the HELL did this manage to happen?

Primero: Mi cabeza a la oficina esta aqui

Segundo: Todo los muchachos son aqui

Tercero: Todos son embarazando mi prima

Cuartero: A esto momento, ODIO la puta. Mi prima la puta. Mi prima la fucking puta.

In other words. They’re all flirting with her, and I…. I .. I am petulant.
Because, she came here and further ruined my already fucked up world. But I am to blame. I swear. I am to blame. I feel the stirrings of murderous tendencies. I swear. And I am shaking at this moment. With bloody fucking rage. Why the fuck are they all fawning over her? I probably should squeeze that pretty little throat until no more air passes. Until the little heart ceases to beat. I like you pretty eyes better blackened.

But the beauty betrays. The beauty betrays because he is such a hypocrite. I cannot hate him, yet. But I would love to love, and nuzzle, and bite until the blood ‘gushes’ in my mouth. A gusher he would be. Yes, I am sure.

But I promised. That I would not be. But I was. And I broke the promise not of my own accord, but because it was nature. My body, beyond my control. How fucking quaint.

And fucking on cold marble is too. Especially when the floor is covered in blood that gushes. Especially when anyone might see. Especially when you look at yourself and realise in horror how much blood you’re covered in. And leave, please do. Because you cannot stand the sight of what you created. Because you cannot stand the sight of what you admitted to. And so, you push. And you push away. And you hide behind your anger that forces me to hide.


That’s all I can say to you in apology.


Seemed Like A *pardon me – fucking* Good Idea At The Time.

What bloody else can I tell you? It occurred to both of us. And it did seem like a good idea. Driven by your lust as it was. Driven by my…..was it love? No. Categorically now. No. Not lust. *shake head*

So what then?


Possibly. Yes. I was curious. To know what you felt like without it. To know what you really, truly felt like.

S.L.A…..oh what the fuck?

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