Birth of the Lonely Lady

My birthday rolled around and how did I feel? I wasn’t particularly excited. I think birthdays become more overrated the older you get. My mom and I stayed up the whole night before making a cake, and when I got to the office it was really cool. We had fun. But then this bitchy girl looks at the cake, and says it’s not nice, and I’m like. That’s your business. I’m not asking you to eat it. If you don’t like it, keep your comments in your head.

After work I had dinner with my mom and aunt C at Wakkis. I’d never been there, so I picked the place.

The Prince of Lobito refused to come with us. I think he really misses his mom, so he was a bit stroppy, and it made me sad because I wanted him to be there.

After dinner I was supposed to go swimming with ‘HIM’.I mean, I called him in the afternoon, and told him, and I was really upset because he never even said Happy Birthday, and then when I called him after dinner, he was sleeping. Then he made up some lame excuse about how his brother took the car, and how he couldn’t find the place.

I could see he was just bullshitting me.

I wanted to be with him that night. I mean, it was my eighteenth birthday. It was really important to me. We were just going to go swimming, alone. Just the two of us.
And it was obvious that he didn’t care.

I’ve got an icebox where my heart used to be.

In the morning, I’d commented casually to my Mom that more than half of all girls cry on their birthdays. I cried myself to sleep that night. He didn’t even call. The whole day I had called him. I had cared. He never even said ‘Happy Birthday’.

Aren’t you…my little beast-whore…cute?

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