B is for Bakura

Bakura is this guy that sits next to me at work. well not exactly, as i don’t have a desk yet, but he sits next to me, or rather, i sit next to him whenever i actually get to sit.

His name is really Mustapha but i call him Bakura in my head because he’s so cool.

You know the really cool thing? he likes books! I didn’t find out until just about a minute ago, and then we went on about how the Eragon movie was horrible, and how everything was just totally off point like i thought it was.

It’s so great to have found someone that has the same opinion of the film. i thought everyone else was bonkers because they all thought it was really cool. but that’s what you get from watching the film without reading the book first.

My second day at work. how was it? stressful, but cool. at some point, i thought i was in over my head, but it turned out okay in the end though. i still have to try harder. but i guess you learn as you go.

i’ve gotten to go to Rockview Hotel twice in a row now, and today, i got a really nice free lunch. my boss said he didn’t really like the food, but i didn’t mind. anything tastes great when you’ve been working all day, and are starving. but i like being busy though.

i just have to organize myself a bit more. i don’t really have any clothes suited to work, but i’m trying to make do with what i have. mostly black trousers, and white office-y tops, and one pencil skirt that i have.

but i look around, and the dress code can be tweaked a bit, which is important for someone like me who doesn’t have the money to change my wardrobe. this weekend, i’m gonna sort out all my clothes and see what stuff can be used for the office, and what stuff can’t. then i can add some more as i go along.

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  1. Dunsin

    Tsk, listen to how fresh, vibrant and optimistic you sounded in Jan.! You wouldn’t think it was the same girl in March! This guy did a number on you in only 2 months!

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