Yearly Archives: 2007

My New Year’s Resolutions

It’s four minutes to the new year, and what is more befitting for the last post of the year than my New Year Resolutions...

Merry Christmas!!!

TO all bloggers, blog readers, internet surfers, friends of mine, family, loved ones, and superhot geeks everywhere such as myself, I hope you have..

Basement Girl

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, and I apologise. I’ve had a very rough week, and I’ve been close to tears..

Ho Ho Ho..Oh Fuck it

I’m at my aunt’s house. I guess I’m supposed to be happy that the holiday is here, but I haven’t been here twenty-four hours,..

The Day Zikora Died

It’s another December 10, and I can’t describe accurately how I feel. Am I supposed to cry? Am I supposed to scream? Should I..

Un Dia Muy Divertido

My Honours project went great. I delivered my speech on the political influence of the Ancient Olympic Games, and the roles of the gods..

Writing is my Weed

But I’m kinda not in the mood to write right now. I’m sitting in class writing this before class starts to calm my nerves...

Today’s Gbese

After I saw this picture of Ini Edo in MADE magazine on Bella Naija, I just had to say something. (Note, I was the..

From the People at G R@dio..

Groundstreet Radio used to be a pet project. It started out as an add-on to my terrestial radio show 90 Degrees that I did..