Aunty Sugabelly

“…I know why you are fat.

…It’s because you are eating too much cake.”

– my six year old niece


  • Adede says:

    Children!! Happy you’re feeling better

  • dosh says:

    Lol, there you go. Gotta love kids and their lack of filters, ironically they never say it from a mean place. Bless your heart!

  • first time here(Waving with love)….. I checked out ur wazobia web. I think you have an awesome talent (not that I think you are not aware of that).

    If you had a naija comic book out with illustrative naija lines and character (i would totally buy it and encourage a stock up of it in various outlets both online and offline).

    Your talent can take you into advertising, arts etc.(which i believe you know).

    Well done. I like the pics of the web comic..

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