Ancient Yoruba Boots!!!

I’m sorry if you think I’m crazy, but this is in response to a question that SHE asked me in the previous post, and I totally went off point and began to ramble about Igbos and Yorubas having boots long before the Europeans showed up.

Anyway, I promised I would find a picture because I had come across a pair of Yoruba boots in an obscure African museum once and I found it!!!!


Below are two very very rare sets of Igbo riding boots that according to the museum may have been made to wear with horses purchased from Hausa traders (bloody trypanosomiasis means some parts of Igbo land are a death trap for our four-legged friends).

Note the split toes. These things are crazy cute!!!!!!

Behold the ancestor of the jumpsuit that is currently flooding the catwalks of Fashion Week
And according to the IMA Museum, this Igbo Agbogho masquerade costume is worn with boots, which totally makes sense because I’ve seen the Agbogho Mmuo and the whole thing looks like a playsuit so I guess they wear the matching boots to create that effect.

Now tremble at the awesomeness of Nigerian Cultures!!!


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