Sugabelly's 26th Birthday

I’m Twenty-Six!

Goodbye 25! Hello 26! Holy shit, I’m actually an adult now. Today is my Baiday! Eeeya! Eeeya! O!


Notes on a Quarter Century

If my seventeen year old self could see me now, she’d be very surprised. This isn’t how I imagined being twenty-five would be at all. I really believed that by twenty-five I would be a full-fledged adult with my life thoroughly together, probably even married, and with a baby on the way.

Somehow that hasn’t happened yet, and in a few hours, I will be six years into my twenties without a fucking clue what I am doing or where I am going with my life.


Death Might Be Annoying… But Not Much Else

Everyone always imagines death attended by panic.
The realisation that you’re going to die, the horror, the fear, the sheer panic.
All I could feel while dying, was annoyed.


An old friendship is not what it used to be…

September Shuffle

September Shuffle

It’s a big, scary world out there, and sometimes I want to run home with my tail tucked between my legs, back to the comfort of being a Nigerian young adult housed, fed, and supported entirely by long-suffering older family members


Disordered Eating in the Land of Denial

Having an eating disorder in Nigeria is really to struggle in silence. Bulimia is after all, not a disease of the stomach, but of the mind, and Nigerians are none too kind to people with mental disorders.